Kitchen sinks: 17 most unusual examples


You know how many options there are in the worldkitchen sinks? As much as the designers who create them. Rather, many times more. We have collected a collection of ideas for kitchen sinks, among which you will for sure find an ideal person for yourself

Without this daily use item, no oneyou can not imagine the kitchen. And of course, designers around the world are trying to create the most beautiful and practical solution for kitchen sinks. Someone chooses for its basis an unusual material, someone emphasizes the form and depth, and someone adds to its volume additional modifications.

An ideal kitchen sink can not be foundsimply because the needs of its future owners will be radically different. Some housewives use the sink mainly for washing dishes, some monitor health, consume huge amounts of plant food and constantly wash salads and cucumbers, there are also those who prefer to wash their pets in the kitchen sink.

In our selection we have collected a maximum of unusual, bright and original versions of such a simple and so versatile kitchen sink.