Kitchen in the style of "Provence": interior design features


What will help distinguish French Provence fromAmerican country, is it possible to hang blinds on the windows of Provencal kitchen and how to apply your artistic abilities in decorating the facades of cabinets - read in our today's material. Here came the "long-awaited" autumn, and from the very first days it brought cold and rain with it. Shall we keep warm? Experience shows that Provence-style kitchens cope best with the autumn blues, it's not for nothing that they are the warmest and most comfortable. At least that's what the French say. Well, so that you do not confuse French Provence with American country, we have prepared a list of 10 differences, and a professional architect will describe his feelings from Provence so figuratively and vividly that now you can certainly create such beauty at home - the pride of any bearer of the most romantic and the gentlest of the existing languages.

1. Flowers

For the kitchen in the style of Provence is characterized by handA painting with a floral pattern. However, do not look for a set, all facades of which are filled with sunflowers: a kitchen with a few pale ornaments on the hood and on the doors of the upper cabinets is just what you need. Ideally, the ornament should be applied on its own.

2. Light wood

Provencal cuisine boasts a largeA variety of performance, among which a special place is occupied by samples from rough, textured wood. But there are two additional important parameters - traditional design and a light wood species.

3. Natural shades

The facades of the kitchen can also be painted in rich natural shades - green, brown, red.

4. Light walls

The walls of the kitchen can be covered with textured plaster, painted in a variety of light colors and even covered with wallpaper all with the same floral ornament.

5. Apron

The classic finish of the apron apron kitchen apron is a mosaic tile, but conventional neutral tiles, ceramics, as well as natural stone are allowed.

6. Lightness

Neutral shades, transparent tulle, latticedOr wicker chair backs, air tablecloths and furniture covers - all these are bright differences of Provencal cuisines, filling the space with a feeling of lightness and volume.

7. Light

The abundance of sunlight to the greatest extentIs typical for kitchens in traditional styles, and, of course, Provence is no exception. Dense curtains and blinds are inadmissible here, complete absence of all obstacles before the flow of natural light, on the contrary, is very desirable.

8. Romance

Live flowers, bright textiles, copper accessories, embroidered potholders and cushions for chairs - without these details it is impossible to imagine a cuisine in the style of the French Provence.

9. Open shelves

This trend of recent years can also be calledA striking difference between the interior of the Provencal cuisine. In the absence of a headset in the traditional style, open shelves can become not only a fashionable, but also a budget alternative.

10. Simplicity

This parameter can be safely called the most important difference of the Provencal cuisine. Simple forms, materials, ornaments, and even the atmosphere in such a kitchen is as logical as possible and devoid of all imagination. Mito Melitonian, architect: "Provence is a province." The province in its best understanding. What is now commonly understood as this direction is strongly modernized and deliberately stylized. If I were to make an interior in this style, the first thing I would notice is the simplicity of form and content.

  • Provence - it's simple furniture and slightly worn-out facades of the kitchen.
  • Provence - is faded in the sun wooden tables.
  • Provence - a simple earthenware, baked in the oven.
  • Provence is brass and copper, but not stainless steel.
  • Provence is an uneven and rough floor tile, the color of which is close to natural, because it could not be made from anything other than clay.
  • Provence is a lot of details.
  • Provence is a feeling, like you're out of town.
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