Provence style cuisine: 15 cozy ideas

Are you freezing on your white, as snow, kitchen? We picked up 15 reasons to change Scandinavia to Provence and forever forget about winter. If the living room can be fashionable, the bedroom is comfortable, and the children's room is stimulating to development, then the kitchen does not have a choice, it simply has to be cozy. And for this there is nothing better than the French Provence

Do you feel like there was a new wave of love for kitchens in the style of Provence in the air? We sense this fragrance of an old tree and embroidered napkin from the very beginning of the cold.

As soon as winter, dragging a numb leg,begins a procession through our vast expanses, the landladies from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok take a sigh of sorrow at the sight of kitchens painted in green facades and tablecloths in ruches.

Let's not be crooked and fall to the bare concrete,now we also do not mind being on such a kitchen with heavy luminaries and carved buffets. Ah, these linen covers on stools and shades of summer! How could we exchange the French Provence for a soulless, icy loft with pipes under the ceiling?

How dare we remove the lace tulle and closewindows shutters? Sun, come back! Provence of our kitchens calls you with ocher color, conjures with natural wood and classic forms, forged lamps rust without you! Rather get a grandmother's service, embroideredcushions and copper polished pots, not all is lost! Repair is not needed, you need coziness, warm natural colors and painted flowers with fruits. And also to smell the pies. Happened? Are you ready? All, we wait. Provencal cuisine with us, and therefore, and the spring is somewhere nearby.