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Striped world: the rules of creation

The strip has long since migrated from the categoryUtilitarian decor in the rank of a fashionable designer chip. What do you need to know for those who believe that life is a series of bands, and not necessarily only black and white? Looking for the answer together For many designers, the strip is a kind of challenge, an experiment that reveals creativity and exciting imagination. In this article, we will talk about how to use this decor element in the interior to create your own small striped miracle.

Strip strip strife

As you know, strips are all sorts: Large and small, light and dark, horizontal and vertical. Not to mention that they can relate to different styles and correspond to fashion trends. The retro-strip is considered to be the most neutral: wide bright stripes form a comfortable space in the spirit of old English houses, which are distinguished by their steadiness and power. Especially popular wallpaper in retro style, where a combination of strips with plant motifs or geometric patterns occurs. It is generally accepted that vertical strips visually increase the height of the ceiling. But this is only true if it exceeds 2.5 m. This is the phenomenon. And the narrow stripes of light tones in combination with a soft range of shades will create an atmosphere filled with peace and coziness and will bring freshness into it.

Beauty - in the details

The versatility of the strip turns it into an idealDecorative means. For example, it is necessary to paste a fragment of the wall of the living room with wallpaper in a strip, change the upholstery of the sofa or hang a striped decorative panel - and the room will immediately be transformed. Thanks to a couple of striped parts, the monochrome and strict atmosphere becomes lively and interesting. In this case, the strip, as a rule, is self-sufficient, and therefore additional accessories are not needed. Those who prefer a dynamic living space, will have to taste an extravagant combination of black furniture, dark floor and wallpaper in a bright wide stripes - such a style a la 60's. Entourage will be complemented by colored plastic chairs, glass tables and posters in the spirit of pop art. Generally speaking, a bright colored strip isAn independent decorative element, playing a dominant role in the interior, so he needs a neutral background. And the choice of accessories in this case should be approached with caution, in order to prevent tastelessness and kitsch.

Verify the direction

If the room is low ceiling, then fromUse of a horizontal strip is better to refrain. However, this is an appropriate option for the design of the bedroom: there, such a solution will create a calm, relaxing atmosphere.


Neutral background in the room will create wallpaper inStrip of beige, cream, gray, sand, brown shades. Add paint to the living space will help striped wallpaper of juicy colors - from pink and yellow to blue and green. However, in the matter of decor, it is always important to strive for equilibrium. When the color of the walls is neutral, the atmosphere will be highlighted with bright accents. If the color of the walls is saturated, the situation should be made restrained and calm. Wallpaper stripes perfectly get along with various types of decoration - from simple paint to decorative coatings. In other words, boldly experiment and look for your own version of the striped interior.