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How to create an interior in the style of Provence: 5 universal rules -


French province, rural ease,Muffled tones and bright floral patterns - all this is the style of Provence. A style that can be easily created in your home. How? Read in our article What does a resident of a bustling city dream of, how not about a quiet little house in the province? Well, or at least about the apartment in the style of Provence. By the way, Provence is very, very different. But today we will talk about the classic French Provence. Light, light, airy and necessarily romantic style, which can easily be created in your house. The main thing is to follow simple universal rules.

Walls and ceiling

When creating an interior in the style of Provence isAvoid dark and gloomy colors. After all, the colors of the Provence are white, light beige and soft pastel blue. In this case, the walls and ceiling are preferably painted in white. However, if you want to shade the space, then you can use the ceiling beams of dark wood as a decor. The tree in the Provence is an integral part of the overall picture. Our opinion: - The colors of the Provence style are considered light and soft colors, reflecting life in the province of France. You can always use white, beige, cream, color of melted milk, coffee. Among the bright colors, lavender, olive, dark yellow, orange, blue, and the color of the sea wave are preferred.


The floor in the style of Provence is the wooden floor inRooms and a stone (tiled) floor in the kitchen and in the bathroom. It is also possible to use a laminate for the color of wood, but natural materials are preferable. As for the color, it can be either a natural tree or a painted wood with a fray. The color of tiles and stone should also be close to the natural texture that is characteristic of country houses.


Textiles in the Provencal interior play one of theThe most important roles. Most of them are rough cotton, bleached flax or any other natural fabric. As for the color, then here should prevail floral patterns and in some cases strips. And the flower motifs are used both for the manufacture of curtains and for furniture upholstery. In addition, in Provence you can find lace napkins, all kinds of frills, knitted plaids and patchwork quilted bedspreads. Our opinion: - When creating an interior in the style of Provence, do not forget about the carpets. Wicker grandmother rugs will look great in combination with knitted plaids and quilts.


If you decide to create an interior in the style of Provence,Then forget about the built-in cabinets once and for all. Only chest of drawers, oak cupboards and chests. Do not interfere and forged furniture or furniture with delicate inserts and carvings. For example, in the bedroom, the forged head of the bed will give the interior a sense of old-fashionedness and rural ease. The color of furniture should be natural. In the case of coloring, it is necessary to leave the rubs and chips, which will give it an aged look. The older the wardrobe will look, the better!

Decor and Accessories

Decorative elements in the style of Provence will help youComplete the idea of ​​the interior. It can be cushions with a floral theme, linen curtains with openwork frills, light tulle, letting light and clean air into the room and much more. Do not forget about such a nice detail, like plates. Lined up on a shelf of an old sideboard, they will provide your room with the atmosphere of a country house and coziness.