How to give the living room a spring mood: 7 steps to happiness -


Spring is delayed this year, but it is notmeans that our interior must continue to breathe winter cold. Today we will remember the long-forgotten smell of wildflowers, the feeling of the sun on the skin and the freshness of a warm breeze. Yes, it can be warm We are sure that renovation of the interior always entails changes in life, I would like to hope that the spring renovation of the living room will bring an anticyclone to our long-suffering lands, and the sun will finally remember its responsibilities. 1. Flowers

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the spring is the living flowers. However, if the idea of ​​cut flowers does not inspire you, decorate the living room with flowering indoor plants in pots. 2. Vegetable prints

Pillows, blankets, upholstery, carpet, curtains - all thisIt's time to get out of winter hibernation and paint with drawings of the near future: trees, flowers, fruits and just branches and foliage. Ornament paisley will also be superfluous. 3. Natural fabrics

We say goodbye to fur and wool and give ourselves to linen and cotton textiles. 4. Candles

They warm one of their kind, create a feeling"Live" light, can be decorated in any style and color format, and if you find aromatic with the right flavor, you can get rid of headaches, calm nerves and normalize sleep. 5. Painting

In the coming months, we recommend that you decorate the walls with light solar works with a natural theme. You should not hang photos from holidays, it is already around the corner. 6. Accessories from natural materials

Stone, wood, wicker baskets, clay objects and rough textures are what you need in these harsh days of waiting for heat and sun. 7. Spring shades

It's time to replace the warm creamy andChocolate colors in spring greens and blue. Add to them a few shades of fuchsia, dandelions and violets as accents and enjoy the renewed and now truly spring interior.