House and Cottage

How to create an interior of a real patrimonial nest: a house in Pavlovskaya Sloboda


The interior design in classic style is perfectsuitable for adults and wealthy people. In this case, the architects were lucky: they knew the customers for a long time and made for them the third house. However, there were still some surprises. The choice of the Design in a Cube design studio was obvious, because this is the third project that Anton and Marina Fruktova are implementing together with the owners of the house, and no one else knows their preferences as well as designers. Marina Fruktova, Anton Fruktov Graduates of M.V. S. G. Stroganova, founders of the design studio "Design in a cube", regular participants in the television projects "Apartment Question" and "Dachny Answer", authors of many publications in interior media - "Salon-interior", "Interior + Design", "Architectural digest ", Laureates of design contests. The owners of this project are middle-aged people with well-established life values. Therefore, they had special requirements for the design of the house located in the cottage settlement "Pavlovskaya Sloboda". Firstly, the customers are people who are not inclined to change, therefore they also needed a solid interior, as they say, for centuries. Secondly, the house was to become a residence of light and air with maximum free space and an open plan. This is not so difficult to do, because the two children of the owners have grown up a long time ago and come to visit only for the weekend. And finally, all the exhibits of the owner's antique collection, collected over the years, should have perfectly fit into the interior of the house.

House in the cottage village "Pavlovskaya Sloboda"created for successful people who are not inclined to change. We have been working with them for a long time and we know that it is the classics that 100% meet their preferences. Despite the fact that the classics became the most suitable style, a country house with panoramic windows overlooking a picturesque forest area required the introduction of coziness and a more homely atmosphere. Therefore, the designers decided to give the interior shades of Provence. An important feature of the project was the decision of the designers to place all the functional areas without dividing the spacious premises into many rooms. In order not to overload the interior, the designers chose a beige and brown color scheme, diluting it with bright accents - floral patterns on wallpaper, carpets, furniture upholstery. Original decorative elements are presentalso in the author's door portals, and in an elegant staircase, and in a massive silver-plated chandelier. The interior of the first floor is as open as possible. There is a spacious living room, dining room and kitchen. The premises are visually connected by open door portals. The kitchen is a favorite place of the hostess of the house. The main element is the island, which allowed the maximum functional use of the space of the room. Snow-white classic facades are combined with a rich burgundy shade of an apron, and brown-beige chairs echo the decoration in the living room, stylistically uniting the premises. The staircase space combines classic austerity and French lightness of the interior, separating the public area from the private rooms. The second floor houses the master's and children's bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, as well as a study. Home decoration is a color balance in space. Here, a calm beige and brown scale is used, in some rooms diluted with various shades in details. For example, in the master's office, massive bookcases and a desk are balanced by light shades of blue on the shades of lamps and wallpaper with heraldic motives. The master bedroom is the most spacious room. Its area (50 sq. M.) Is divided into a sleeping area and a recreation area. The walls in the bedroom are finished with textile wallpaper and natural wood panels. Multi-layered curtains make the room cozy and intimate. The floor in the house is made of natural oak inlaid parquet. In the interior, special attention is paid to the ecological component - all textiles, furniture and carpets are made of natural materials. The room of the owner's daughter takes into account the interior preferences of a young age: a light combination of fresh spring shades, floral patterns on the walls and feminine furniture. The space is made using a largethe number of curved shapes and smooth lines, which made it possible to combine various materials, colors, textures, smoothly moving from one room to another. Decor items from private collections of the owners became an interesting feature of the project. Antique paintings, books and figurines fit perfectly into the classic setting.