Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

The apartment is 145 meters in neoclassic and 10 million rubles for renovation


Those who respect the traditions of the classics, but are not conservative, taking the beauty and practicality of modern solutions, like the project of an apartment in the neoclassical style in the LCD "White Swan"

Classic is the style that existsfor a long time and will always be in demand. However, this solution is more suitable for spacious houses: cottages and mansions. The apartment looks perfect in the neoclassical style, which creates a consistent image of the rooms and does not unnecessarily overload the space. It was this concept that became fundamental when creating the interior of an apartment in the residential complex "White Swan". Olga Chernenko's studio worked on the project. Olga Chernenko, White & Black Design Studio Olga Valerievna - General Director of White & Black Design Studio. In 1996-2001 she studied at the Moscow State University of Art and Industry named after S. G. Stroganov (MGHPU) at the Faculty of Design, Department of Environmental Design.

It is worth noting that the apartment was planned for temporary residence, reception of guests, visits to the theater and other social events, while the main customer housing is located outside the city.

The main area is a living room combined withcabinet. All furniture elements look consistent and presentable. Dark brown furniture set in combination with textured parquet board sets the tone for the entire interior. Since the ceilings in the apartment are high, it was possible to implement a solution that turned out to be very useful for the neoclassical style - these are caissons. The project used:

  • paint - Rossetti;
  • parquet board - Mannington;
  • furniture from Selva, a sofa and armchairs - Busnelli;
  • Carpet - Dovlet house;
  • light: chandelier and sconce - from Bellart.

Living room from the kitchen is separated by light glasssliding doors. White shades of the kitchen are perfectly combined and create a contrast with the black apron of the working area, as well as with a dark mirror tile on the floor. In the center of the room is a high two-level bar counter, behind which you can cook and immediately tasting. The highlight of the kitchen is a massive table in the dining area with a dark top.

  • paint - Rossetti, stucco from gypsum;
  • flooring - granite Peronda, Zar-M;
  • cuisine - Aster Opera;
  • table, chairs - Le Home;
  • mirror - from Porada;
  • household appliances - Miele;
  • mixer and sink - Blanco;
  • lighting: above the table - Foscarini Caboche, above the bar - DE Majo, Xilo S10, sconces near the mirror - Arte Di Murano.

In the bedroom, elegant lines of shelves, chest andbedside table, combined with the ornamentation of the walls, set the tone for the whole room. A large vintage and high sofa stands out in the master bedroom. In one style, a couch and a banquet table are made.

  • paint - Rossetti;
  • parquet board - from Mannington;
  • furniture - from Volpi;
  • Carpet - Dovlet house;
  • lighting: chandelier - IL Paralume Marina, table lamps - from Eichholtz.

Bathrooms have remained without re-planning. Only the appearance has changed. So, the guest bathroom has acquired delicate shades of pink and floral ornaments.

  • tiles - from Fap Ceramiche, Vera;
  • furniture - Villeroy & Boch;
  • mixers - Grohe;
  • lighting - Massive.

The master bathroom is more concise and has a small bonus in the form of a bath.

  • tiles - Atlas Concorde, Admiration;
  • furniture - Berloni Bagno;
  • mixers - Grohe;
  • lighting - Massive.

For more rational use of space from the big hall it was decided to refuse in favor of the dressing room.

  • paint - Rossetti;
  • flooring - tiles Vallelunga Ceramica, E-Stone;
  • furniture - Neopolis casa;
  • decor - Dovlet house;
  • Lighting: chandelier and sconce - from Bellart.