The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Male interior: design of an apartment with a male character in Poland


What do modern men prefer in the interior? What style will the romantics like? Today we will go to Poland, where there is truly a man's interior. Literally last week we wrote about the features of the women's interior, and today we offer you a very effective men's interior. The apartment is located in the north of Poland, in the port city of Gdynia. Design of the studio was occupied by the design studio Dragon Art Design Studio.

Apartment of a young romantic

Without a doubt, the interior reflects the character of itsowner. Representatives of the stronger sex are more restrained in decor and details. They like simplicity, practicality and brevity. All these requirements are met by the Scandinavian style, in which this interior is decorated. It is ideal for the stronger sex: calm, balanced, without unnecessary details. Most likely, a young man of about 25 lives here. He is a bachelor, he is full of energy and a romantic spirit of wandering. Perhaps he is an athlete, enjoys surfing and freediving. Therefore, blue was chosen as the accent color, and the nautical theme runs as a line through the entire interior.

Under the water

The young man's hobbies are reflected inthe interior. So, we can observe in the bathroom panels with large images of fish and the underwater world. This creates a pleasant immersion in the sea, and the large mirror doubles the effect. In addition, it visually enlarges a small bathroom. The same technique can be observed in the living room, where on one side there is a photo wallpaper with a large image of a seagull. A full-length mirror and a light setting enhances the visual effect, making the interior light and free. A floor vase, original lamps, posters, furniture in the living room create accents and indicate a masculine character. Our opinion: - There are practically no small details in the interior, which is typical of a masculine character. The owner of the apartment, despite his practicality and restraint, is still a positive person, as indicated by a poster located in the bedroom. It has an inscription on it that reads: "Don't forget to smile."

Advantages of turquoise color in the male interior

Turquoise color combined with light lightshades (white, sand, gray) create a feeling of freshness and unity with nature in the apartment. Such interiors are more preferred by romantic men who are light on their feet. A big bonus of this color is its good combination with other shades, which allows for interesting combinations. Turquoise color dilutes the severity, makes the space stylish and fresh. As you can see, this color palette is appropriate not only in the bathroom, but also in other rooms. He is pleasant and unobtrusive. In the male bachelor interior, he helped create the necessary contrast. It can be seen from everything that the owner feels confident and happy when the apartment has a clear delineation of space, even though this is a semi-studio type apartment. Our opinion: - Light colors are perfect as a background against which clean lines are visible. Here, pouring streams of color and light create an atmosphere of purity, airiness and harmony in the interior. Black accents speak of the strong-willed and strong character of the owner. Judging by the setting and color, this is a young, self-confident man who is responsible for the decisions made. This is evidenced by the absence of variegation and overloading of details. But he is not devoid of romance. Such an interior is inherent in bachelors. Most likely, the owner of the premises loves nature and the sea, often sits down in a comfortable chair, watches the world from the window and plunges into his dreams.