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Coffee machine for home: review of the best models with reviews and opinions -

A cup of morning coffee can set the mood forall day. In this article we have made for you a selection of the best, in our opinion, coffee machines that will turn your kitchen into a real Italian coffee shop. When we decided to conduct a poll at, it turned out that most coffee lovers trust cooking their coffee only to the Turk . Price: from 760 to 25,000 rubles.I brew coffee exclusively in a Turk (cezve) and it is advisable to bring coffee from Istanbul Svetlana Lileeva, All Living Club However, many readers simply do not have enough time to make coffee in the morning in a Turk. Moreover, he can "run away" faster than a Jamaican athlete, and the number of cups is limited by the volume of the cezve (or Turks). Therefore, we have prepared for you a review of coffee machines with some comments from experienced coffee makers. Among the respondents, a considerable number of people prefer to see Nespresso from DeLonghi as their personal barista. I'm not original: Nespresso CitiZ. Arguments: the aroma of coffee in a closed metal capsule is well preserved, everything is clean around, quickly, there is a relatively large selection of capsules in strength and taste, including "decaffeinated". And the appearance of the coffee maker suits me. Luiza Kiseleva, expert of the luxury segment of the interior market Price: 25,000 rubles. Bosch coffee machine The world famous Bosch company offers us a "truly German" stainless steel coffee machine - VeroAroma 700. Advantages:

  • innovative filtration system. Softens water and improves its taste;
  • cleaning. The coffee machine is equipped with an automatic descaling system and detachable elements that are easy to clean in a dishwasher;
  • speed. You can prepare two cups of coffee with milk with one touch at a time. A water pump having a pressure of 19 bar is installed.
  • AromaDoubleShot technology will help you prepare strong coffee without bitterness

Price: 90,000 rubles.Bosch private collection, drip. Budgetary and tasty. Yanie Aver, Like Lodka Kitchen Aid coffee machine Italian semi-automatic coffee machine. Perfect for making espresso, latte, americano, cappuccino, as well as various espresso-based options. Today we will talk about the benefits of the Artisan KES100E model. Advantages:

  • speed. Two boilers make it possible to prepare coffee and whisk milk under the control of temperature and pressure sensors simultaneously, also you can prepare two cups of coffee at the same time;
  • cleaning. A nozzle that improves the foaming can easily be removed for cleaning;
  • water tank. Has a transparent wall and a marking showing the maximum and minimum water level;
  • cup heater. From the top to the espresso machine you can put from 4 to 6 cups of espresso to heat.

Price: from 81,000 to 99,000 rubles.Espresso Machine ECM ECM introduces the Espresso Machine Model ClassikaII. According to the manufacturers, thanks to this coffee machine you can immerse yourself in "the atmosphere of real Italian coffee even in a small kitchen." Also noteworthy is the "timeless" design - the espresso machine is made of stainless steel. Advantages:

  • speed. The espresso machine has a fast preparatory phase for coffee preparation;
  • cleaning. Easy access to the container with water through the removable heating of the cups;
  • A special display shows the coffee preparation time in seconds;
  • the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the steam for the preparation of espresso.

Price: 101,000 rubles.The best espresso you can make at home! Alla Putko, PR Specialist, Krups Barista An interesting fact: the Krups Barista coffee machine was created for nine years by experts in the field of coffee, and the service life of this model reaches 8,000 cycles (for comparison: the previous model, the Espresseria Automatic, had a life of 6,000 cycles). Krups Barista is made in France from high quality stainless steel, plastic and aluminum. Advantages:

  • speed. The coffee machine is fully automatic. There is also a preheating function for milk;
  • cleaning. The milk preparation unit is cleaned automatically. The coffee machine is equipped with a cap-washing system;
  • individual grinding and grammage for various types of drinks.

Price: from 116,900 to 120,000 rubles.Saeco coffee machine Saeco has been part of Royal Philips since 2009. Today the company presents us with the Saeco Picobaristo coffee machine, which will allow you to compete with the best coffee masters. Advantages:

  • variability of the setting. The coffee machine has 15 degrees of grind of your favorite coffee;
  • unique filter for water. Eliminates water from solid particles and impurities, and also reduces the formation of scale;
  • cleaning. Caring for the coffee machine will not cause trouble thanks to a fully removable cooking group: it is easy to remove and rinse under running water, and the milk jug and containers can be washed in a dishwasher.

Price: from 70,000 rubles.The Saeco HD espresso machine is a great result if you have good coffee and if you customize the machine. Of the minuses - it makes a little noise during operation. Alexey Peretokin, entrepreneur Vzug coffee machine Vzug promises to make you a real barista. Just like Sub-Zero, Vzug coffee machines are fully automatic, so the coffee they brew will be completely tailored to your preferences. Vzug offers coffee lovers models in steel and black glass cases. We will take a look at the Supremo CCS-SL / 60 and Supremo CCS-SL / 60-c coffee machines. Advantages:

  • integrated automatic cappuccino. Allows you to achieve excellent foam;
  • variability settings. Five levels of the fortress - from the weak to the strongest. Also two containers for ground and grain coffee of your choice. Programmable brewing temperature;
  • cleaning. The cappuccino is cleaned by pressing the button, and the milk container is easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Price: from 283,000 to 311,000 rubles.V-Zug every day! Shamey Shavlukova, Hometek Gaggenau coffee machine The German manufacturer of household appliances offers connoisseurs of an invigorating grain drink a coffee machine of its own production Gaggenau CM-450. A brand with a long history constantly surprises its fans with new functionalities of its own products. Let's see how Gaggenau surprised this time - coffee machines made of stainless steel, framed by glass, and anthracite. Advantages:

  • cleaning. Automatic descaling system and quick cleaning of the water supply system;
  • variability of the setting. Five levels of coffee strength, three temperature levels and four levels of grind;
  • special technology of brewing coffee Aroma, which allows the drink not to lose a wealth of flavor and taste;
  • It's interesting that this coffee machine has protection from children and protection for the time of your vacation.

Price: 289,000 rubles.The coffee center from Sub-Zero & Wolf The fact is that in 2000 the Wolf company (the leader in the production of stoves, ovens, hobs and grills) became part of Sub-Zero. Both brands specialize in improving the functionality and design of kitchens. This fall, the ICBEC24 / B with a black glass finish and the ICBEC24 / S with a stainless steel finish are gaining popularity among coffee lovers. These are fully automated models that can be controlled with “one touch”. Advantages:

  • speed. Fast heating system and the ability to set a timer so that the coffee is ready for the time you need;
  • ease of cleaning. After you have prepared coffee with milk, the process of cleaning with steam takes place, which lasts 3-6 seconds;
  • variability of the setting. You can adapt the coffee center to ground or whole-grain coffee;
  • water tank. Conveniently located on the front of the device, which allows you not to open the coffee center when it is used;
  • timer. You can program the coffee center to prepare you a drink by a certain time.

Price:check with the official distributor - I have a Sub-Zero & Wolf coffee center at home. He knows exactly what kind of coffee I like. In the evening I set the time when I need coffee in the morning and wake up to a pleasant aroma. Alexandra Blagova, marketer Our opinion: We did not include such a parameter as “convenience” in our price list of the advantages of individual models, since all companies on this point fulfilled their obligations to customers by one hundred percent.