The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to live in Krasnogorsk: a two-room apartment with a balcony cabinet -

Want to see an interesting layout whenminimal decor in neutral colors? Then this article is especially for you! Today you will witness how a two-room apartment in the capital of the Moscow Region turned into a real work of interior art. To begin with, let's say that a middle-aged couple became the customers of the project. Their main wish was the use of cold shades of gray in the coloristic palette of the interior and an extra bed in the living room. As for the rest, the client completely trusted the design workshop "House of the Sun". Oksana Tsymbalova, designer Oksana Tsymbalova is the head of the House of the Sun design workshop, as well as an expert in legal issues of designers. Oksana graduated from TSU with a degree in law. Then she studied at the International School of Design with a specialization "designer", also took professional qualification courses of Victoria Yakusha. In 2014, having radically changed her life and leaving behind her successful career as a department head at Gazprom, Oksana followed the path of a childhood dream and entered the International School of Design. The design workshop "House of the Sun" is a young, active team of designers, visualizers and philosophers, which has been actively working since mid-2015. We believe that each of our objects should be based on functionality, environmental friendliness and good taste. Oksana Tsymbalova, designer The interior of the apartment is made in the style of modern eco-minimalism. This style implies minimal decor of the space with maximum functionality and the use of exclusively environmentally friendly materials. The designer very carefully approached the choicefinishing materials. Parquet boards were chosen as the floor covering for almost the entire apartment. In the bathroom and the loggia, it was decided to lay the floors with granite. The general style of the living room was created with the expectation that the room would serve as a comfortable seating area, and not a place for receiving a large number of guests or organizing various festive events. The interior of the living room is focused on creating a person's inner calmness and a feeling of relaxation after a hard day. The bedroom interior is designed to maximizeComfortable to the human eye tones: light-graphite and ecru (light beige). As wall coverings were used wallpaper in combination with soft wall panels. The bed occupied the central place in the interior of the bedroom, and the bedside tables and armchair found a place in the reading area (customers are very fond of reading). In the kitchen, the amount of decoration is kept to a minimum. On the wall, the designer decided to arrange a panel made of ceramic plates. These plates are made of chamotte clay by the Russian master-ceramist Anna Kupriyanova (studio of ceramics "Leo and Sirin"). The furniture was selected by simple geometry, in a white color scheme. The shades of white in the interior serve to visually increase the space. The loggia was planned as an additionalroom. It provides a workplace, as well as a place for rest and tea. The style of eco-minimalism is well emphasized by the green grass planted along the entire window sill. In the hallway a small closet for the upperclothing, consisting of two sections - for the hosts and for the guests. A large mirror is very functional and, of course, increases the space. The hallway room merges with the living room according to the general style decision. In the bathroom, shower doors are made oftransparent glass. As a wall covering in a bathroom instead of a usual ceramic tile the new finishing material - micro cement is used. Also in the room there is a small hozblok, where the washing machine and other household items are hidden. Living room:

  • Parquet board - Barlinek;
  • sofa corner - Busnelli;
  • chair design by Jonas Sondergaard Nielsen;
  • carpet - Artisan;
  • a coffee table, modular furniture - according to the sketches of designers;
  • functional lighting - XAL products.

In the project, we decided to use high-qualitywater filters, as well as sprayers with aerators and sensor taps - this significantly saves the Earth's resources and the customer's budget. Oksana Tsymbalova, designer Bedrooms:

  • bed and curbstones - made to order according to sketches of designers;
  • functional lighting - XAL products;
  • Parquet board - Barlinek;
  • wallpaper - Sirpi;
  • wall soft panels - according to the sketches of designers.


  • furniture - made to order according to sketches of designers, manufacturer of "Lorena";
  • Table - Porada;
  • functional lighting - XAL products.


  • plumbing - KLUDI;
  • lighting - company XAL products;
  • microcement - EDFAN.

* Visualization - Anton Yakushev.