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How to change the look of the interior with the help of beams: 7 tips and 15 ideas


High ceilings in a country house are far fromthe only option is when the beams will look appropriate. How to use beams to correct imperfections in space and make it more comfortable - read this article! You can add original features to the interior and profitably change the geometry of the space with the help of ceiling decorative beams. Such a solution will be relevant for a city apartment or office, but you can achieve the most expressive effect when decorating a country house. Susan Hall, head of Oak Park Landscapes, purchased this home in East Sussex, a county in the south of England. Initially, this building was not intended for housing and was used as a barn for storing various equipment. It wasn't until 1997 that a married couple gave the house the look that Susan won over. And the total age of the house is about 400 years! In Susan Hall's home, beams are not only part of the structure of the house, but also serve another important function. Using the example of Susan's house, we will look at how to transform the interior using beams.

1. The basic rule

With all the variety of colors and materialsthere are two basic rules to follow. The beams must either contrast with the surface or blend into it. The selection of contrasting colors will make this decorative element more expressive. Editorial opinion: - In modern interiors, the contrast can be, for example, white and blue - do not be afraid to deviate from natural colors. Susan uses both of these techniques.

2. Low ceilings

If you got low ceilings, this is no reasonAbandon the beams. Just place them on the ceiling in the form of a grate. This way you can visually slightly "lift" the ceiling. Or another option: let the beams slightly "go down" to the wall. To achieve even more expressive effect, arrange the beams not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls. Almost all rooms in Susan's house are decorated with beams.

3. Too high ceilings

If excessively high ceilings, arrange beams with an indent from the surface. So the room will become more comfortable, and the margin of height will allow you to experiment with the thickness of the bar.

4. Too narrow room

The beams, located along the width, will make the narrow room more proportionate. Susan's method is successfully used in the kitchen. Editorial opinion:“If you have beams in your kitchen, like in Susan Hall’s house, there is another tempting use for them. Place special hangers on them - roof rails. So your collection of kitchen utensils will always be in sight and will allow you to abandon unnecessary wall cabinets that clutter up the space. For information on how to make your kitchen even more convenient with shelves and niches, read the article on.

5. Zoning

If you are not yet ready for daring experiments inceiling area, place the beams not over the entire surface, but in a separate area. Thus, you can visually highlight a room or highlight one particularly cozy corner.

6. Out of sight!

Pipes and cords of electrical wiring trailing over the ceiling do not decorate your interior. The obvious plus of the beams is also in the fact that behind them you can successfully arrange hidden communications.

7. Lighting options

With the help of beams, you can gracefully solve the problem. What it will be - LED strip, recessed fixtures or lamps on brackets - you decide.

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