Dark colors in the interior: the idea of ​​the right decor

You like dark colors in the interior, but theyDo you have fears? And not in vain. After all, the slightest inaccuracies in the design of premises can turn a house into a heavy and gloomy home. How to avoid it - we'll tell you today. In this Scandinavian apartment there is a married couple and their teenage son. The interior evokes curiosity and looks original. What's the secret? Why did the hostess of the apartment abandon the traditional Scandinavian minimalist design in favor of American glamor?

American style

The owner of the apartment is Victoria Egler (VictoriaEgler) - a designer-stylist, and she designed the design of her apartment herself, with the support of her husband. She comes from Stockholm, but since her childhood she traveled a lot with her parents. Her father is an architect, and my mother is a stylist. They often lived in hotels with minimalistic interiors. Perhaps this influenced the choice of the profession of Victoria. Now it creates exclusive things not only for private clients, but also for hotels. When traveling, she wants to stay in hotels with a great design. Victoria lived and studied in Los Angeles for seven years. In Sweden, she returned, having received an education in the specialization of "interior design and fashion." Then Victoria firmly decided that she wanted to create her own American-style interior so that it had a large sofa in the middle of the room, chairs, a fireplace, a TV, a coffee table. This atmosphere is associated with comfort, warmth and family values. Pay attention to the living room - it meets all the requirements of the owner. The room is spacious, light and beautiful. Many things the landlady did herself, some were bought at auctions.

Black lines

In the American style, there is no color schemeRestrictions, any improvisation is allowed. But often there is a dark color. Therefore, we can observe it in this interior. Do not necessarily paint in the dark colors of the wall, it is enough if these shades will be traced in the interior by accent lines and small details. As, for example, in the living room. So the space looks more expressive and solemn. Also, it's interesting to look at the private area for a teenager, where they used the original construction - the IKEA bed. On a white background, black color clearly delineated the space and allocated this site.

The color of the night softens

Dark gray is the color of the night, it is often usedIn order to soften the harsher colors. In this case, you can observe in the bedroom the application of this effect on the wall, where a very bright portrait of Marilyn Monroe in the style of pop art hangs (the painting was bought at auction). Dark color in the intimate room excites imagination, beckons with its mystery, and the image of the actress sets the notes of sensuality. Victoria loves pink and turquoise colors, as well as blotches of gold. All this merged into a small copy of the Statue of Liberty. A dark graphite color slightly softens the screaming colors and against this background. Thus, the balance is maintained in the interior. Our opinion: - The dark-graphite color perfectly shades and makes the softer orange orange, piercing pink and violet colors. Against the backdrop of black, all colors look brighter and cleaner.

Glitter of gold and copper

Great solemnity is attached to the interiorLuxurious chandeliers and gold decor elements. The combination of black and graphite gray adds to the apartment expressiveness. Once copper items for interior decoration were imported from Italy to America. Victoria is now working to bring them back to the interiors of Europe. Our opinion: - The rooms of this apartment are filled with domestic warmth, but also express the owners' desire for freedom. Dark color makes a revolution in the world of design and increasingly receives the recognition of eminent designers. With skillful treatment, he is able to create in the interior a uniform depth, to distinguish details and make the space stylish.