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How to properly decorate an interior with mirrors: designer's advice to Anastasia Muravyova


Using a mirror, you can make the room look morelight, optically expand the space, or you can simply use the mirror as an element of decor. What techniques do decorators use most often? We asked an expert about this. Can you imagine your life without a mirror? Most probably not. After all, this household item is so ingrained in our lives that we will never want to part with it. But how to properly fit the mirror into the interior? In which rooms is it appropriate? We asked these questions to our today's expert - designer-decorator Anastasia Muravyova. Anastasia Muravyova, decorator

Designer-decorator Anastasia Muravyova graduated fromFaculty of Economics, Moscow State University Lomonosov and the Higher School of Environmental Design at Moscow Architectural Institute, received an MBA from the University of Bristol. Currently, he works mainly with the interiors of private houses and apartments, he also has experience in the design of public spaces. At the same time he is engaged in painting and photography, is fond of contemporary art and successfully uses all these skills in his interiors. She took part in art exhibitions at which she demonstrated her painting. The designer-decorator sees his mission in creating a harmonious, stylish and comfortable space, taking into account the tastes, preferences and budget of the customer. I am ready to work in any of the well-known interior styles, without copying samples and introducing a unique personality into each project. - Where and how best to apply the composition of mirrors? - It can be placed above a dresser, console, sofa or headboard, and it will become the visual center of the room, it will look very impressive. Moreover, it is better to choose mirrors of different shapes and sizes, or "mix" them with paintings. Sometimes they are placed not on one, but on different walls. It is undesirable to place large mirrors opposite each other: this can cause an unpleasant optical illusion. It is better to hang them on perpendicular surfaces, at an angle of 90 degrees, and then they will make the room more voluminous and lighter and will not give the impression of space going into infinity. - How to beat a mirror cabinet in the interior?- A mirror cabinet is very convenient to use in a bathroom or corridor, that is, where a mirror is always needed from a practical point of view. In addition, these rooms need storage systems, and in the bathroom, behind a mirrored door, you can hide, for example, water meters and access to communications. By the way, mirror elements can be used not only in wardrobes, but also in other pieces of furniture: dressers, tables, shelves. - How to properly illuminate the mirror surface?- The sconce placed on the surface of the mirror looks very impressive. Some factories produce similar models (for example, in the interior of the study in the attached illustration - a lamp with a mirror from Mis en Demeure). You can make such a composition to order, having provided the necessary holes for electrical wiring in the mirror sheet in advance. When illuminating a mirror, do not forget a simple rule: it is better to place light sources on the sides, and not at the top, and even less so at the bottom. Thanks to this, the person looking in the mirror will look more attractive. The backlight can be hidden or located behind the mirror, giving diffused light. - Do I need to frame the mirror?- A framed mirror can become a noticeable accent in almost any interior. The mirror in the dining room or living room is not as functional as in the bathroom or bedroom, but it will make the room more solemn and decorate it. It is not at all necessary to look for a mirror with a ready-made frame (although the choice is huge): in any baguette workshop, you can order a mirror sheet of the required size and enclose it in the frame you like. If you want to add a beautiful touch to the design of the mirror, then provide a facet. Pay attention also to the Venetian mirrors, in which the frame, like the base, has a mirrored surface. Photo courtesy of Anastasia Muravyova