The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Open plan: ideal studio in Sweden on 52 squares

Studio apartment can be very comfortable andIdeal for proper zoning. Do you want to know how to properly use 52 squares to not regret an open plan? See our example from Sweden Increasingly, instead of the usual interior layouts, one can meet studios, and this direction only grows with each passing day. Apartments in many new houses are put into operation without internal partitions, which immediately makes it possible to create a studio without unnecessary dismantling. This solution is perfect for young families and students, as well as for renting an apartment. And in order to better "experience" all the delights of the studio, it is worthwhile to turn to a concrete example.

Apartment with a history

Apartment located in the center of the Swedish cityGothenburg, has a total area of ​​52 square meters. And its open planning is underlined by the Scandinavian style native to these places, its usual light decoration, minimalism and the presence of functional zones. But the trendy interior and beautiful environment does not mean that everything should be new. For example, a wonderful parquet floor that decorates the floor in the studio was laid here in 1946, which roughly corresponds to the date of construction of the building itself. Therefore, sometimes it is better to do restoration of old things with a deep history and heritage than to spend money on a global update of all elements of the interior.

A little about the owners

Most likely, in this studio there lives a youngA couple who have not yet got children. Judging by the fact that the apartment is designed in neutral colors and there are no bright accents or other bold decisions and experiments, they are rather conservative in their views and prefer a calm, measured life. At the same time, the interior looks very elegant, cozy and functional, which indicates a good taste of the owners and their practicality. Black graphic details on a white background perfectly enliven the space, and the abundance of wood creates a cozy and warm home in the apartment. And elements such as pillows with a geometric pattern, stylish carpet and two-color posters make the interior more expressive and interesting.

Features of the layout

The main room in this studio was divided into threeZones: a living room with a bewitching beige sofa, a kitchen made of natural wood and an elegant dining room. And the cooking zone is not only contrasted with a completely different color of the floor, but also has a fascinating apron, which, depending on the lighting, changes its color. At first glance, it may seem that this is a black surface, but if you look from a different angle, you can see that the mosaic here is deep blue. Also from the living room you can get to the balcony, where there is a possibility to retire and, sipping fragrant coffee, enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the city. The bedroom in this studio is separate and isSeparate room. But its size is so small that almost the entire area was occupied by a one-and-a-half bed. Apart from it, only a barely noticeable bedside table and a cozy armchair, where you can wrap up in a blanket, read your favorite book. The storage space is equipped in a small but very practical dressing room, which, most likely, was originally a storage room and is separated by a curtain. Our opinion: - Despite the small area, the bedroom does not look cramped and uncomfortable. This was achieved thanks to several simple techniques, after which the space visually increased. First of all, this is the white color of the walls and ceiling, which blurs all boundaries and makes the room lighter and more spacious. Secondly, minimalism. There are no closets, massive furniture - only the most necessary. Well, the windows, they are completely open and without curtains. This allows you to fill the room with plenty of natural light, which, in turn, makes the room visually larger.