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Penthouse Drew Barrymore in New York


How and where do the rich and famous live?This question interests almost everyone. Today we will give you a unique opportunity to visit the charming Hollywood star Drew Barrymore. Last year has become a landmark in the life of a star. She spent it in anticipation of her second child and in the hassle of changing her place of residence. Drew sold her luxurious mansion in California and moved with her husband and daughter to exclusive apartments in Manhattan. The apartment has two levels and consists of four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a laundry room, a kitchen / dining area and a luxurious living room. Despite the fact that the duplex is located high above thethe atmosphere of a country mansion reigns inside. This is facilitated by parquet floors and picturesque fireplaces. The huge windows are not burdened with curtains, so the light is freely poured into the rooms, penetrating into the most remote corners. The interior is dominated by calm, neutraltone, but bright accents in the form of pillows on the sofas and paintings on the walls do not give the look bored. Objects of modern art harmoniously coexist with classical works. Textiles in the interior are represented by a variety of textures, differing in color and style. This gives the situation an unobtrusive shade of eclecticism.

Interior Rules by Drew Barrymore

  • Neutral shades of the walls are a perfect background forany decor. In addition, they reserve the right to "replay" the situation at any time. If your vision regarding the layout of furniture or color accents changes, then the universal walls will become your allies in the struggle for an ideal interior.
  • Bright accents are needed in the interior, but it's better that they be "mobile": you can get tired from the color, and it's much easier to replace an annoyed orange pillow than, say, an annoyed orange sofa.
  • If you like things that differ from each otherfriend in style or related to different epochs, it does not matter: eclecticism is now in vogue. Therefore, experiment boldly with textures and styles. The main thing is not to overdo it.