The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Project of the week. Minimalistic kopeck piece for a successful Muscovite, 5 tips for its design

How to place a bedroom, living room, kitchen, twoFull dressing rooms in kopeck piece on 60 square meters? Modern minimalism formed the basis of this project, which combined movement, spaciousness and elegance. To create a maximum of space with a minimal set of details-this was the task of the author of this project, Julia Kirpicheva. She used tricky tricks, beat the mirrors, applied the built-in backlight and used light shades. What other "chips" hides this project? Julia Kirpicheva, Head of Johnson Design Studio Johnson Design Studio is a team of professional designers, architects, designers and other qualified professionals who create an individual image in interiors.

Dreams of customers

The customer of the project was a successful Muscovite. She wished for a visual expansion of space. Since she was accustomed to a dynamic lifestyle, she wanted to surround herself with modern interior items. For this purpose, the minimalist style, popular today, was chosen.

Features of the layout

Since the area for a two-pieceA small, only 61 square meters, it was decided to combine the kitchen and living room. At the same time, it was possible to separate a single space, which was done with the help of a sliding partition. At the request of the customer, two small dressing rooms were created - in the bedroom and in the corridor. Julia Kirpicheva, designer: - One of the conditions for redevelopment is to provide a maximum area for a bathroom. Thanks to the complex configuration of the premises, we were able to achieve this goal and make it quite spacious.

Color solution

Since the goal of the project is to make the space visually larger, then a pastel color scheme was used to decorate the apartment, where the auxiliary shades are beige and light brown.

Lighting Scenarios

In the living room a combination of a pointLight and a glowing ceiling: built-in lighting and a transparent woven fabric that gently diffuses the light, while visually raising the ceilings and increasing the space. The corridor is illuminated thanks to a spotlight and a decorative wall on the mirror. It is interesting that this method plays to increase the light in the room (due to reflection). In the kitchen area, as in the living room, built-in lighting. To highlight the dining area, a designer lamp Flos Skygarden was installed above the counter. In the bedroom, the role of the main lighting is performed by the built-in lamps. To create an intimate atmosphere, table lamps were placed on the bedside tables, and a wall was placed on the wall.

Made to order

  • Bed, head of the bed;
  • dressing table;
  • coffee table;
  • kitchen set;
  • Dressing rooms (bedroom, corridor).

Materials and Brands

The main material for finishing a minimalistLiving room was decorative plaster. The floor here is made of an engineering board, it was also used in the bedroom. Supports the atmosphere of simplicity and ease of the sofa Möbel & Zeit, which has a modern design and is executed in white, which gives the interior airiness. Walls in the bedroom and corridor are pasted with wallpaper of European manufacturers. For cladding the kitchen, balcony and bathroom used porcelain stoneware, as well as floor and wall tiles Johnson Tiles. Julia Kirpicheva, designer: - The most valuable in this project is the unity of style. When designing, we managed to preserve the original design and concept of the entire interior.

Tips from Yulia Kirpicheva to create a similar interior

  • Use a neutral color scheme, but warm colors.
  • In the modern interior and in small rooms it is worth noting the central lighting. Preferably give the built-in lights.
  • A decorative lamp can be added to the kitchen, as an accent in the interior and to create a cozy atmosphere. By principle - a table and a lamp shade above it.
  • When decorating an interior is better to useLarge-format paintings: painting, graphics, posters - they will visually change the scale, determine the center of the room, but it is better to use the baguette narrow (2-3 cm).
  • Use for zoning spaceSliding partitions. If desired, they can isolate one part of the room, for example, a sleeping area. And also if you wish, you can again return the studio space without extra efforts.
  • Visualization provided by Julia Kirpichevoy