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Psychology of the interior: how to start living happily after repairs


Today we will tell you how to get rid of bad habits with the help of the interior, learn to get up easily in the mornings and just happily live

Interior is not just a collection of objectsFurniture and decoration materials, it is a tool for creating an atmosphere, mood and way of thinking. About how exactly the interior can affect your internal settings and, as a consequence, change your life, read below.

Almost everyone has habits and addictions,which do not benefit either the body or everyday life in general. Whether it's addiction to nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, or talk shows doesn't matter. Even if you bite your nails when you think about the soufflé that has not risen, this is also a habit that spoils the manicure and calls into question your stress resistance. We will not get into the deep jungle of the psychological underpinnings of obsessive states, but it is ours to facilitate the transition to a new life, free from bad habits.

Let's be realistic:getting enough sleep at night and being a successful person in our unstable time is oh, how difficult it is. And if we still cannot guide you in successful activities, then we are quite capable of helping to charge your every morning with energy.

The battle of introverts and extroverts for the right to beunderstood, it is unlikely that it will end in someone's victory, so in our article we decided to satisfy the interests of everyone and finally figure out the peculiarities of the interior preferences of both personality types. As you know, one hundred percent does not exist, which means that our advice should be considered exclusively from a recommendatory point of view.

We have told many times how to make an interiorfashionable, functional, stylish, welcoming and bright. However, almost all of these materials as a whole spoke about the same thing: about creating an interior in which you want to wake up in the morning and meet a new day. Today we decided to collect everything in one collection.