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The store that became an apartment: a loft with great ideas


Is it possible in a small and narrow spaceto place a kitchen, living room, two work areas and a bedroom? Today we will visit a small Italian apartment, which was once a real store. The apartment, which will be discussed today, is located in the business and cultural center of northern Italy - Turin. Believe it or not, there used to be a shop on the site of this cozy mini-loft, according to the law of style. Experts from the R3architetti bureau undertook to convert it into a residential apartment. The imposing height of the room allowed for the creation of a cozy and functional loft with hidden storage systems. Let's see what tricks this Italian interior hides, what was used here instead of furniture and where the kitchen was hidden.

Functional zones

It was possible to profitably use the space due tohigh ceiling. This made it possible to divide the premises into several levels. In the lower part, there is a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room with a small work area. The study and the bedroom were taken out to the upper level. The connecting link between the levels is a staircase without railings. This design raises some safety concerns, but this model created the illusion of airiness. In addition, a young man lives here, he is not afraid to move up such stairs. On the second floor, there are two zones - a working and a sleeping area. They are separated from each other by means of a curtain partition made of dense fabric. The custom-made bed is equipped with spacious pull-out boxes for storing things and bed linen.

Daylight and electricity

The owner of the premises, apparently, is building a career inlighting sphere. Perhaps he is a successful manager of a company that produces unusual lamp models. He has a lot of literature related to this area. The project was developed taking into account his wishes and, of course, using design techniques. So, a rational decision was made - to hang a hanging lamp not in the center of the room, but closer to the wall. This technique is good for narrow spaces, it helps to balance the space. We were able to use daylight as useful as possible. Since one window is in the bathroom, it was appropriate to make a translucent partition so that the kitchen area was not too dark. The white color, in which the old brick walls are painted, fit most successfully into a narrow room with such lighting.

Hidden storage systems and furniture

At first it seems that the mini-loft does not havespace for storage systems, they are not visible here, all because they could be skillfully disguised. For example, part of the kitchen was hidden behind a roller blind. This is convenient in that there is no feeling of clutter. Yes, and everything superfluous is hidden from prying eyes, especially when the guests have arrived. By the way, there is a seating area for them on a small podium. Instead of traditional armchairs or ottomans, there are small decorative bags. Drawers are hidden under the podium. Open shelves in niches are an excellent solution for narrow spaces. Modular furniture is also used as storage systems. This is a great way to organize your storage space rationally. When looking at this apartment, there is no feeling of chaos and clutter, and all thanks to skillfully organized storage systems and competent distribution of zones.