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Why so expensive? Important about the upholstery


From this post you will learn what thethe cost of the sofa, what kinds of upholstery there are and what they need to know. For already a year, June has become an ideal time for the purchase of interior and home furnishings: it is this month that furniture companies hold sales and offer large discounts on products from past collections. But before you go to the store for a long-awaited sofa or armchair, it would be nice to understand in advance what you will have to pay for. Surely you paid attention that on the price tag(for example, to sofas), in addition to the size of the product, the category of the fabric (the main categories of 8, and some factories even more) is often indicated. The cost depends on the category. In this case, a sofa in ordinary leather can be cheaper than the same sofa, but upholstered in a cloth expensive category. The price of upholstery depends, of course, on the region whereit was produced. Well, from the very category of its complexity. Chinese, Indian and Turkish fabrics will be cheaper than Russian and many times cheaper than European ones. Also, the price depends on the total footage of the fabric produced. If the collection of fabrics is limited to 100 m, it is clear that this very meter will cost more here than almost the same, but not limited edition. There are times when the upholstery is made exclusively for a given interior project or even for one sofa. Then their cost may well go beyond the generally accepted, reasonable boundaries. But what won't some people do for the sake of luxury ?! Further, an important factor affecting the price will benot only the manufacturer of upholstered furniture, but also the textile brand. The whole world knows that the sofa, upholstered with Rubelli fabric, will cost significantly more than a sofa in the fabric offered by the factory in the standard version.

  • The fabric is "author's", it was developed with the participation of a famous designer.
  • The factory applied new patented technologies here. For example, in the fabric can be woven seaweed, pearls, fishing line and so on.
  • The fabric is protected by Teflon coating, protecting it from stains of coffee or wine.
  • The fabric is produced using both new technologies, and manual labor, and design developments.
  • This fabric is produced in a limited footage.
  • Leather upholstery also has several categories.And the brand is equally important here. Not many factories can boast that they completely control the leather harvesting process. Rather, only a select few can say so. Of course, their leather sofas will cost more. The most reputable European factories in this sector are Swiss de Sede, Dutch Leolux and Italian Baxter and Matteograssi. Some of them grew out of tanneries. Their skin rejection rate is so high that there are even rumors that factories below the level of happiness can buy what connoisseurs have rejected. However, this is probably still an anecdote. So which upholstery should you choose? If you periodically take care of a leather sofa and at least wipe it with a damp cloth, the upholstery will last for many years. And these years will only decorate the skin with wrinkles, folds and cracks, making it more noble and attractive. And what is this fantastic smell that comes from expensive leather worth? But textile upholstery has the greatest varietydesigns and colors. There is a variety of drawings, and a rich selection of materials. And there is always the opportunity to come up with something quite exclusive, especially for your project. Finally, the textile upholstery is "more humane in relation to animals." And in the care it, of course, is also uncomplicated, the good that now many manufacturers make removable covers.;;