Small bathroom: 10 places for storing small things


According to statistics, women spend in the bathroom inaverage 27 minutes per day, men - 22 minutes. This time will be useful, if you do not distract the mess. Where can we find a place for all the necessary trifles? Look for better - we have 10 ideas Think about it - in the bathroom we not only wash ourselves, but we prettify ourselves, play with the children, erase. A lot of important things need to find a place: cosmetics, hair clips, towels, sponges, household chemicals. It is necessary to distract - and the bathroom will absorb chaos, so we will look for unusual and effective ways.


Open shelves can be installed in the corners. In any home goods store you will find metal options, but remember that they easily rust from moisture. Try wood or glass.


A multi-level fruit basket or organizer can be hung higher. A funny idea for drying clothes - a staircase under the ceiling with attached hooks.


The shelves built into the wall niches are usually quite narrow. If you make a shelf retractable - it will add space.

Behind the Mirror

Replace a regular mirror with a mirrored locker - you will get an extra seat not only inside, but also at the top and side.


Suspended storage systems are ideal for doors - do not confine yourself to a pair of hooks for gowns.

Above the door

Place above the door, too, should not be lost. There will perfectly fit folded towels or toilet paper stocks, just do not forget about the humidity.


It is most convenient to put the accessories for washing in a basket attached directly to - so you don't have to reach anywhere. You can also hang the organizer with transparent pockets on the curtain.

Under the bathroom

Place there sliding, inclined or open shelves. If this is too difficult - put household chemicals and cover with a special screen.

Above the toilet

If you have - install shelves above the toilet, or even on both sides of it. If the toilet is suspended, the storage space under it will also come in handy.


If there is at least a little space on the sink, increase it by installing a multi-level basket for small items. Looks very stylish. And that's not all - we have simple and convenient storage in the bathroom.,