How to spoil the mood of a thief: 12 reliable places for storing valuables


Where to hide your hard-earned money, where is it necessary for thisto make holes, what to do with unclaimed waste paper and how to give a second life to aerosol - you will learn from our today's selection All of us, homeowners, are the same - we are afraid of burglars, but we stubbornly continue to hide our wealth under a mattress, or, at worst, in underwear. But our apartments with you can so confuse a person with a bad intention that he will forget why he came. We interviewed all our acquaintances and compiled a small list of possible storage locations for valuables that you hardly thought about before. Of course, our collection can be read by those same collectors of lockpicks, so we suggest using the material as a starting point, and not a guide to action. In any case, you will find this article extremely useful.

1. Furniture

a) The base of cabinets, bedside tables and chests of drawers canbecome an excellent place for folders with papers, boxes with valuable, but not used small things or tight bundles of currency. Moving a hefty wardrobe thief is unlikely to come to mind. b) Shelves can be not just boards with fasteners, but a full-fledged drawer. Unexpectedly, the truth? c) The double bottom is not only in the chests of the XVII century, but also in modern wardrobes, sideboards and cupboards. Think about it. The doors of such cabinets are better to make glass, to divert the eyes. d) Long hollow capsules can be stuffedalthough all the doors of your furniture - in some you can hide flash drives, in others - money, in the third - leaves with passwords. The rest for distraction can be filled with caramels. Or taffy - if the thief can not be put in jail, even if it is tormented by caries.

2. Special subjects

a) Today it is already possible to find in the online stores hiding places, disguised as the most usual things. This corner, for example, can be a switch with a lock. b) Or a lamp. And working. The best option is to install such a lamp under the ceiling and do not wipe the dust off it. c) The clock is also an option. Functioning, of course. The best place for such wall clocks is a kitchen or a vestibule, where they are least likely to seek value. d) Sub-filling. Well, or a small space under the stairs. The main thing is that the hatch does not catch the eye and does not creak underfoot. It is best to hide such hiding places under the carpet.

3. Tricks

a) Books. Surely you have a couple of volumes that got to the library randomly and did not excite in you the desire to read them. Throwing out books is somehow strange for an intelligent person. Cut out the squares in the pages with a pencil for paper - even stranger, but in this way you can create a small safe for something valuable, and questionable reading will serve the good of the house. b) Checkerboard. Or any other that has served its sports equipment with a thick foundation. If the sport is not able to save the world, then it is quite able to save a couple of things dear to your heart. c) Aerosols. Here you have to work hard to ensure that the bottom of the bottom of the bottom was invisible. It would also be appropriate to cover the walls of the bubble with something soft so that the values ​​do not rang. d) Pebbles, sticks, shells. In these simple caches, which no one ever pays attention to, you can successfully store duplicate keys.