Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Studio apartment in loft style, in which only one window -

In this very small interior with one (!) Window there is everything necessary for a full life: a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and even an office

Someone seeing a well-planned smallapartment, it starts to be interested in its layout, some number of zones, someone is looking for multi-functional interior items, and we always consider storage systems.

In this studio, designed by Alfonso Ideas,The approach to storage is interesting and unusual for this kind of space. Along with a more than large wardrobe, most likely made to order, we see here characteristic loft vintage chests as bright accents and a pair of industrial display cases, one of which became a partition separating the bedroom zone.

Zoning here, in our opinion, is fulfilledexcellent, especially when you consider only one window in the apartment. Someone may disagree with the proximity of the bed to the kitchen area, but if the owner is a small lover to soar and fry days through, the traces of his culinary activity are unlikely to manifest themselves from the negative side. In the rest it is hardly possible to complain.