The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Repair for 4 months: flat bachelor area of ​​56 meters in loft style -


Which interior style suits best?modern bachelor? Loft, of course! This has it all: brutal elements, designer finds and cozy natural materials The owner of the apartment is a young man with versatile interests, the main of which are photography and sports. He turned to the studio with a request to design an apartment in a loft style, the interior of which would be modern, comfortable and, most importantly, reflect the owner's hobbies. The founder and head of the studio, designer Victoria Zolina, took up the work on the project. Victoria Zolina, designer Graduate of the British Higher School of Design with a degree in Interior Design. For several years she honed her professional skills in various architectural studios in Moscow, in 2012 she founded her own studio. She considers individuality, functionality, harmony and comfort to be the components of an ideal interior. As already mentioned, the landlord is seriously interested in photography. He deals with it on a professional level, constantly improving his skills, and this occupation could not but find reflection in the interior of the apartment. For example, in the corridor, a brick wall was taken under the gallery of the customer's photographs, and metal brackets with adjustable cables were installed under the ceiling, on which photographs can be hung. Such a system allows you to hang pictures of any format and at different levels, chaotically or orderly, as well as easily change the exposure. Victoria decided to take into account what the customer doesmonochrome photographs, reflecting their color range in the palette of the interior: based on the color of the tree, white and black and diluted them with local color accents, such as the upholstery of a chair and paintings in the hallway. Also, the love of the owner of the apartment to the tree and all sorts of natural materials was not left without attention - they were used to the maximum in the interior. Bedroom The walls of the bedroom are covered with clayplaster. It was no coincidence that the choice fell on her: firstly, it is a natural material, as the customer wanted, and secondly, clay has a number of useful properties (it is hypoallergenic, provides good sound insulation, and from the point of view of design it is good because, thanks to various natural additives, you can make an interesting design). The team came up with the design of the sliding wardrobe - it looks like it was hammered together from old pallets. As an interesting element of decor and part-time a zoning tool, we chose a partition made of ropes. The story of the appearance of a round cork panel above the bed is also interesting - a piece of cork bark was found absolutely by accident, and later an idea was born from it. A loft-style cabinet opposite the bed was ordered from Woodmorning. Another serious hobby of the owner of the apartment -mountaineering. As well as photography, he is professionally engaged in this sport and conquered many well-known peaks: Elbrus, Peak Lenin, Mont Blanc, Olympus in Greece and others. That is why an object appeared above the door, which can be taken for air conditioning, for a stand for cold weapons, and, for example, for a lamp. In fact, this is a special training device, a fingerboard for rock climbers, which the customer himself chose. It serves to strengthen the strength of the fingers and muscles of the upper shoulder girdle and allows you to maintain a form between hikes. Victoria Zolina, designer: - We always pay special attention to lighting in our projects, so often light sources are also art objects. To dilute the monochrome of this interior, we used a combination of different textures and shapes, including luminaires. So, in the bedroom appeared chandelier Cliff Suspension from Canadians Lambert & Fils. Since the original is very expensive, according to our sketches, we produced a similar model from Alexander Klochkov of Ironlamp. Living room For the decoration of the walls in the living room, we chose thethe same clay plaster as in the bedroom. First of all, the attention in this room is attracted by the textured cabinet doors with a geometric cutter - the fact that this is not a decorative panel and in fact behind them is a full-fledged cabinet in the entire wall, you can not immediately understand. The prototype of the chandelier was the Prism model of the Belgian designer Nathalie Dewez, which was also made by Alexander Klochkov from Ironlamp according to the sketches of the studio's designers. Victoria Zolina, designer: - Another bright design element of the living room is a rack, the doors of which have been replaced with light wood panels, in harmony with the parquet. Many may wonder how practical this is, because the regiments remain open. We answer: this is primarily a matter of taste. For example, initially our customer generally asked to make an open rack, but we decided to decorate it with hinged racking doors. The design turned out to be original and easy to use. The window zone did not remain unoccupied: the window sill was extended and turned into a small but comfortable workplace with plenty of natural light. And for work in the evenings, Viten's Potence hanging lamp is provided. Kitchen The phrase "Kitchen is a special place in the house" more oftencan be heard from women's lips, but in this case it is no less relevant, since the landlord is very fond of cooking. This hobby of the owner was also taken into account - a lot of spacious drawers and shelves appeared in the kitchen. The upper drawers were ordered from the craftsmen from Woodmorning and stylistically echo with the loft elements in other rooms. Victoria Zolina, designer: - We decided to decorate the walls with an artificial stone and for this purpose the clinker brick of KAMROCK company was chosen. This Russian company has been on the market since 1997, all products are produced according to the original technology, developed taking into account operation in different climatic conditions. And the lamps above the table are made of concrete, enclosed in a metal frame. Balcony Despite the modest area, the balconyturned out to be very functional - the designers designed a special rack for storing various sports equipment and a huge amount of the customer's climbing equipment. Fine hexagonal tiles were chosen for the interior decoration of the floor and the lower part of the balcony. Bathroom The bathroom used twofinishes: one wall was decorated with natural stone (Sekitei stone mosaic), the other three were decorated with neutral tiles from the Indian Kerama Marazzi collection. Wooden racks for towels and small items and a vanity unit were taken from IKEA. Bathroom The interior of the bathroom was decided to be kept inmonochrome scale. The wall above the toilet was decorated with a glossy black honeycomb mosaic from the Porcelain series. The floor was laid with mosaics from the same series, only larger and milky in color. The two remaining walls were decorated with clay plaster and decorated with photographs. Corridor In addition to the photo gallery,unusual bracket-shaped structure made of wood. On the one hand, it is a pouf, on the other, a console. It turned out to be very convenient, besides, such a design does not overload the small hallway. And the resulting niche was revetted with mirrors, thereby obtaining the effect of a tunnel and the opportunity to look at oneself from all sides. Victoria Zolina, designer:- It is customary to call such interiors bachelor, but it seems to us that initially this is not a completely correct question. The fact is that today a man is single or a woman is in a free search, and tomorrow everything can change, therefore it is wrong to create an interior based on marital status. For us, when creating an interior, the main thing is the personality of the customer. In each project, we try to find out in detail about his hobbies and preferences and create a concept for the future interior based on these particular features. In this interior were used: Bedroom:

  • cabinet is made according to sketches of designers in the workshop Woodmorning (Russia);
  • rope partition is made according to sketches of designers in the workshop Woodmorning (Russia);
  • The chandelier is made according to the sketches of designers Alexander Klochkov from Ironlamp (Russia);
  • bra - Lampe Gras (France), model Cone;
  • bed - Hoff (Russia);
  • The chest of drawers is made according to sketches of designers in the workshop of Woodmorning (Russia);
  • mirror - Loftdesign (Russia);
  • clay plaster - Art Deco (Russia);
  • laminate (bleached oak) - Parador (Germany), collection Click in.

Living room:

  • sofa - "Greenwich" (Russia);
  • chandelier - designer Nathalie Dewez (Belgium), model Prism;
  • Worktop at the window is made according to sketches of designers in the workshop of Woodmorning (Russia);
  • the cabinet is made in the carpentry workshop of the studio;
  • The TV shelf is made in the carpentry workshop of the studio;
  • chair - Loftdesign (Russia);
  • a hanging lamp near the table - Vitra (Switzerland), model Potence;
  • ceiling lamps above the table - Lampe Gras (France);
  • clay plaster - Art Deco (Russia);
  • laminate (bleached oak) - Parador (Germany), series Click in.


  • chairs - Loftdesign (Russia);
  • table top of a dining table - Loftdesign (Russia);
  • metal legs of the dining table - Woodmorning (Russia);
  • concrete lamp - Romatti (Russia), model Simple cement;
  • The top boxes are made according to sketches of designers in the workshop of Woodmorning (Russia);
  • the bottom boxes - "Kitchen yard" (Russia);
  • decorative brick - KAMROCK (Russia);
  • laminate - Parador (Germany), Trendtime 2 collection, Wine and Fruit model.


  • plumbing is ordered at Sanitary;
  • curbstone under the sink - IKEA (Sweden);
  • shelving - IKEA (Sweden);
  • tiles - Kerama Marazzi (Russia);
  • mosaic tile - Sekitei (China), article MS-TRI.


  • plumbing is ordered at Sanitary;
  • mosaic on the wall and on the floor - NS-Mosaic (Russia).