Design and Decor

8 secrets of the decor of top models, actresses and designers


How to properly hang curtains, so that the room does notseemed tight? How can you decorate the walls in an original way? How to hang your favorite family photos? Let's turn to the famous American divas with wonderful taste and find out the answers. Rich and successful women, who are always up to date with the latest events and fashion trends, deserve sincere admiration. Not an exception to their knowledge is the design of the interior, in which these ladies certainly know for sure. Therefore, when they share their own experiences and give advice, then they should definitely listen.

1. Bewitch mirrors, like Lauren

Each wardrobe room should have bothat least one or two mirrors. But the American TV star and part-time fashion designer Lauren Conrad (Lauren Conrad) decided to go much further. She decorated her own wardrobe with a lot of mirrors, which turned out to be built-in not only in the cupboards, but even in the door. This technique allowed her to make a not very large room visually more spacious and lighter.

2. Mix like Erin

Top model and designer Erin Wasson (Erin Wasson),known for her bohemian style, did not change her habits and in the same manner she designed her apartment in New York. But most of all in the interior draw attention to the extraordinary chairs in the dining area and their eccentric combination. With the help of this accent, she brought an original, but holistic atmosphere to her industrial loft.

3. Stick to the rule "the more the better", like Sofia

I must admit that the actress Sophia Bush (SophiaBush) really likes photography and does not hesitate to show it. Therefore, it is not surprising that her Hollywood house is completely hung with personalized pictures, and it really captivates. Why settle for one shot, if you can show a lot of photos?

4. Take the above as Chrissi

You can feel cramped in any home,especially if you can reach the ceiling in the room with your hand. In this case, you should do as the model Chrissy Teigen did, attaching the curtains to the very ceiling. This very effective technique will allow you so that even claustrophobes will be happy to stop by. Our opinion: - Hanging curtains right up to the ceiling is a great technique that helps to visually raise the upper borders of the room and make it more spacious. But do not stop there, add objects to the interior that will make your gaze reach up (floor lamps, floor vases with high branches, vertical paintings). Keep in mind that vertical patterned wallpaper and curtains will also help you fight low ceilings and tight spaces.

5. Know your colors, like Jenna

President and creative director of courseat J. Crew Jenna Lyons knows which colors suit her best. Moreover, she applies this knowledge in her own interior. Therefore, in order to feel as comfortable as possible, take a look at your wardrobe and those to which you gravitate most - they should be used to decorate your home.

6. Do not forget about the opposite side, like Patricia

Patricia Herrera (Patricia Herrera), editorknown edition of Vanity Fair and the daughter of fashion designer Carolina Herrera (Carolina Herrera), decided to experiment with dining chairs and received an excellent result. For their backs, instead of one fabric, she used two kinds, so the reverse side got its own original design.

7. Use white as a base, like Atlanta

23-year-old model and DJ Atlanta De CadenetTaylor (Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor), like all young decorators, started with the basics. Neutral in the interior will serve as an excellent versatile backdrop for works of art or personal photographs, as well as for any other accessories. Moreover, such a foundation will not need repair for a long time and will remain relevant. Our opinion: - In addition to the fact that white is an ideal background for paintings, works of art, and indeed the entire contents of a room, it tends to visually expand the space and make it lighter. So if you are still undecided on the color for the walls - choose universal white, it is perfect for any style and will be combined with all the colors that you want to complement the interior.

8. Decorate the walls like Florence

It turns out that hanging tapestries can not be foundonly in the manors of the Renaissance, but also in the apartments of modern indie rock stars. English singer Florence Welch (Florence Welch) thus decided to give her small home a comfort and a real warmth of a home in the style of its historical ancestors.