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How to visually raise the ceiling: interesting techniques designers -


His design does not strike the eye at once, but exactlyIt determines the feeling that is causing you space. Do you feel that the ceiling presses on you? Take note of these interesting techniques that will help make it higher even if only visually, if not actually change the real height of the ceiling in the already constructed house is not easy. Therefore, to help us come tested in practice tricks and tricks that designers use to create the illusion of space, filled with light and space. You will enter the house with high ceilings, proudly raising your head.


Just pointing up the light of the outdoorLamps or sconces will magically raise the ceiling. And there are also built-in lamps - almost unnoticeable, but very effective to increase space. Even the backlight built into the baseboard will make the room taller and lighter.

Nude structure

In some rooms, the ceiling can be madereally above by revealing the internal structure and. Remove the hinges and wipe off the paint. And wiring can also be done in false beams. For industrial style and lofts, this is a very good technique.

A bit of brilliance

Glossy ceiling or mirroredelements will visually add height to the room. Even if you have to install a false ceiling for this, you can actually lose a couple of centimeters and gain visually. At a minimum, coat the surface with a semi-gloss paint. Inna Raskina, interior designer: - You can visually increase the "height" of the ceiling with the help of color. Cool white-gray or light blue shades of glossy paint will add depth to the room. Another technique is to use materials of the same tone in the decoration of walls and ceilings. Also, do not highlight the border between them with a contrasting border, but use, for example, a mirror strip as a separator. Our opinion: - We do not recommend a fully mirrored ceiling in any room, except, perhaps, a small bathroom. This is still too extravagant and not too psychologically comfortable reception.

Location of decor

How high the ceiling appears is influenced byarrangement of decor items. Hanging as high as possible, brightly patterned curtains draw attention and draw space upward, especially against a backdrop of neutral colors and non-patterned surfaces. Open shelves with floor-to-ceiling decor and vertically lined compositions of paintings and photos on the walls also work. Inga Azhgirey, interior designer: - The low ceiling will "lift" the cold shade of white paint and light gloss. If stucco molding is planned, make it thinner and paint it to match the wall. Discard the central weighty chandelier - elongated wall and table lamps and upward light will do. Doors also help to visually increase the height of the room. If you cannot raise the opening by increasing the door leaf, then make an additional decorative transom with a height for the ceiling to the standard door. As for furniture, it is best to avoid half-measures. If there is a cabinet, then up to the ceiling, with mezzanines, if a chest of drawers, then let it be below the center of the wall height - add it with an elongated decor and flowers. And most importantly: remember that the lower visually the ceiling makes the excess of small decor in the room.

Diagonals in the interior

Lines that go up from the bottom encourage you to follow them with your gaze. Place a decorative element of a similar type or a diagonal line in the interior - and it will appear above. Our opinion: - Vertical panels, high houseplants, elongated elements - panels, paintings - and even stripes on wallpaper work in a similar way.