Selective guide

Bathroom accessories: 15 items needed per day


Choosing accessories is not always easyhowever, it is almost always incredibly fun. We have prepared a small selection of the most useful and beautiful little things for the bathroom. You will surely like them. Decorating is not easy. To make it easier for you, we have made a selection of the most, in our opinion, suitable gizmos.

Container for cotton wheels Foresta - "Owl"

815 rubles

To keep the wadded disks in their native package is not cool and completely inconvenient. A decent holder now in the afternoon with fire you will not find. But this option with a white owl - the very thing, and comfortable, and beautiful.

Trash basket Сrunch

1 590 rubles

This laundry basket is almost invisible. It is lightweight, mobile and quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. And what else is needed?

Toothbrush holder Invisible on dowels and suction cup

445 rubles

Glasses for brushes are not placed on eachSink. And this holder can be fixed with a sucker on any smooth surface. If you have a drill and you know how to use it, look for the dowels in the box with the holder.

Shelf for bathroom Oasis

2 900 rubles

Do you like to read a book in?Then you probably need a shelf with a sliding mechanism. It can be easily installed on the sides of a wide variety of bath sizes. Of course, both a book and a glass of wine will fit here.

The holder of clothespins Sabina

830 rubles

Where to store clothespins? In the appropriate holder, of course. This thing not only performs its functions, but also looks cool.

Mirror with a bird Lumare

4 560 rubles

This mirror in the now fashionable Art Deco style can easily be carried from room to room - it's not that big, just 21 cm x 45 cm.


470 rubles

How to store napkins? Box of polypropylene in the form of a house is a great option.

Glass and mirror wiper Hanger

685 rubles

This wiper in the form of a trembler eliminates the need to constantly rub the mirror and at the same time become an excellent towel rack.

Mirror with a hanger, black

830 rubles

This mirror on the hook can be hung anywhere, besides, it does not fog!

Toilet paper holder Ply

1 910 rubles

On this holder, you can store up to five rolls at a time. And he's quite nice to himself.

Flex Shower Organizer

1 650 rubles

A pendant organizer for a collection of your favorite shampoos, gels, oils and sponges is a real rescue from the mess, because you can hang it directly on the shower holder or the curtain rod.

Hanger Branch

890 rubles

This knot is not a decorative element, but a real hanger, which, by the way, can be fixed directly on the door.

Cosmetic mirror on the sucker with magnet

1 200 rubles

- the thing is indispensable in everyday life decisively for anyGirls. A mirror on the sucker with a swivel mechanism, and even with a magnet - and at all a dream! It can be attached to almost any surface and rotated in all directions.

Starfish drain filter

385 rubles

This funny silicone star is easy to install and just as easily removed from the sink. Along with all the pollution.

Filter for meridian drain

350 rubles.

A necessary piece in the kitchen. Will save a sink from blockages. A clever design will filter out the debris and collect it inside the plug, preventing it from getting into the pipe. The thermoplastic from which the filter is made will ensure its long operation