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Design a small living room: tips designers, spectacular techniques and a sea of ​​ideas

Regardless of size, the living room should becozy. But this does not mean at all - traditional. Experiment: even one small change can give an excellent effect. We have collected a whole collection of ideas, techniques and advice

Why break down the walls, where to hide the office and how to use the sunlight for the benefit of a small living room - in our today's material you will find answers not only to these complex interior issues.

A small living room is far from a verdict andit's not at all the reason to turn the room into an inconvenient storage for a tiny sofa and TV. Look at how to be able to show your creativity and create an unusual, vibrant space where it's nice to spend time with family and friends.

A small living room is not an easy room forthe arrangement in view of the requirements presented to it. The living room should be beautiful, stylish, comfortable for guests and easy to clean. However, everything is simple - that the result should be, it is worth following two basic principles, taking each decision: consider the dimensions and do not complicate.

Making out a small living room, we are first and foremostthink about how to make it seem more spacious. You can achieve the desired effect in a variety of ways, even at first glance, ambiguous, like the use of dark colors and large-sized pieces of furniture. However, the more complex the decorative technique, the more difficult it is to implement without professional design control. Therefore, if you are doing yourself and want to avoid mistakes, use the simplest and most verified advice shared by our design friends.

Benefit of modern technology and materialsallow now to create an individual interior, so you definitely do not face such adventures, which were the heroes of the film "The Irony of Fate, or With Easy Steam." What should be taken into account and how to use it with maximum benefit?

The living room is a universal space in the house. There we receive guests, relax, work, gather for family dinners. And for all this, you need a place that is often lacking. How to make a small living room spacious and comfortable? We offer.

To the regiment of fans of lofts every yearthere are more and more of our fellow citizens. However, the main problem of small areas from this does not become less relevant. Oddly enough, small apartments are also found in countries where they are not considered exotic and, as we will see today, the footage for such apartments does not become a stumbling block. The interior designer Varvara Zelenetskaya will tell us more about this.

Dreaming of a home library, but in the house is unlikelythere is a separate room for books? There is only one way out - to combine! On Ekaterina Kozlova show how to make a stylish reading room from the living room, combining furniture, modern technology and painting in the interior.