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A vivid example of modern classics: a three-room apartment in Moscow


Classics don't go out of style, but neoclassicalinteriors are now at their peak of popularity. And it's all about their flexibility and versatility. For example, in neoclassicism, it is quite acceptable to use bright colors - as, for example, in this project The task set for the decorator Anastasia Muravyova was to come up with a light, light and elegant interior in a classic spirit. Often, customers select photos of their favorite interiors in magazines or on the Internet in advance, and in this case, Anastasia's clients referred to her own project, previously published on Therefore, they very quickly understood each other and the design of some rooms was adopted almost from the first sketch. Anastasia Muravyova, designer-decorator The owners of the apartment decided to keep the existing layout, so the author approached this project primarily from the point of view of a decorator. The project is now in the process of being implemented. The customers of this project admitted that more.That is why shades of green, blue, purple prevail in the palette of the main premises of this apartment - in fact, that is why it was decided to transfer this color scheme to the kitchen, however, only in the form of accents. The lighting here is designed according to the traditional scheme - in each room there is a main source of overhead light (chandelier), as well as a light cornice and local lighting in the form of sconces or table lamps. To order for this project, it is planned to make wardrobes for the hallway and bedroom, a library for the living room. Mosaic panels for the guest bathroom and kitchen apron, as well as some mirrors, will also be made to order. As for the furniture, there were previouslyselected items from the Spanish brand Guadarte and the Italian factory Asnaghi (sofas, armchairs). For bedrooms, furniture from Piermaria and Mis en Demeure is currently being considered. A suitable kitchen has already been found at the Russian factory "Virs" (model "Atlantic"). Previously, Anastasia's projects were rare.The author drew attention to the fact that not everyone likes them: the mere mention of them often evokes associations with something outdated and irrelevant. Of course, this is a delusion. The choice is huge, especially for classic interiors. In this project, the designer suggested using Sanderson wallpaper in the bedrooms. It is still too early to talk about the final choice of all the details (fabrics, accessories, etc.), but they will be very important for the formation of the image of this apartment. The author admits that he always tries to pre-select all the fabrics at the same time as the furniture and immediately associate them with the wall decoration, without leaving the textiles for the last stage of the project. It is for this reason that the designer has already visited the Fifth Avenue Home Fabric Atelier. Anastasia Muravyova, decorator:- I really love painting, I paint myself, so none of my projects is traditionally complete without a painting. I think that it is worth thinking about filling the interior with objects of art even at the stage of developing the concept and visualizing the project, in order to at least preliminary outline the place and lighting for the paintings, and think over the color accents. To do this, we looked in advance at the 73rd Street art gallery and drew attention to the works of V. Elnitskaya and A. Mironov. Whether they take their place in the interior or not is up to the owners. The doors for the project were found at the factoryIstra Manufactory. On the floor - solid oak parquet. The search for the image of the living room turned out to be the most difficult in this project - different colors and finishes were considered. The traditional attribute of the classic interior - stucco molding - is very popular with the customers, therefore, as a result, a decision was made: to use it in the decoration of the walls of the hall and living room. This made the main premises of the apartment more ceremonial. They decided to abandon the wallpaper originally planned for the living room. - Customers often turn to me with a requestDevelop a classic interior, which at the same time will be modern in spirit and relevant. At the same time, they explain how their future interior should not be: pompous, dry, formal, boring, artsy, overloaded details, etc. In this case, it's good to turn to neoclassicism - a popular trend in modern design. In order for the interior to turn out to be light and elegant, I try to follow the following approach:

  • I choose an easy and delicate color scheme. The palette can be constructed both on nuances, and on contrasts, but I avoid too dramatic color combinations. Light walls and doors, furniture and the floor of natural shades of wood, color accents in the form of textiles, paintings and lamps - a win-win solution;
  • To emphasize the classical characterInterior, I use traditional tricks in decoration - high plinth and doors with portals, stucco, sometimes modular parquet. However, when choosing these elements I try to observe moderation and prefer simple forms, straight lines;
  • The layout should be comfortable and functional, as is customary in modern homes and apartments. In classical interiors, it is good to borrow such a technique as a symmetrical composition;
  • To revitalize the picture, it is good to bring in the classic interior topical elements: laconic cuisine, chairs, lamps, modern art;
  • It is very difficult to avoid the recurrence of someReceptions, working on different interiors in the same style. Therefore, in each project I try to make something purely individual - paintings, author's photography, items made to order.