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Design of a child's room: safe and functional design

To take into account all children's needs and interests inone room, we need adult efforts. How to make a child not only beautiful, but also comfortable for the owner? We collected examples of the most functional rooms and asked for advice from an expert

Game room, classroom and bedroom - children's room,like a magic hat, should be capable of any transformation. No function can be sacrificed in favor of another. And still need to provide space for storage. And do not forget about the little person who already had his own interests and needs ... To whom is the easel, to whom is the pianoforte, to whom is the bar ...

It's good if there is an opportunity to take out the sleeping areazone in a separate room. And if not? Most of us have a very limited footage of the "children's kingdom". How to turn your child's room into a multifunctional, but cozy world, which he will remember with joy and nostalgia in his adult life? For advice, we turned to an expert on the creation of children's interiors, designer Oksana Panfilova. Over the past few years, she and her colleague Lyudmila Krishtaleva have managed to create a whole gallery of wonderful children's rooms, none of which are like the other. Oksana Panfilova, interior designer: - The most important thing is the organization of space. Therefore, the first thing we look at is the floor plan. It is necessary that there is good natural light, the correct shape, without sharp corners. If there is a possibility - we correct, if not - we correct as we can. The second is the age of the child. The nursery is always made "for growth" - time flies quickly. Therefore, we try to do without Winnie the Poohs on the walls. The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova

Standard "children's" set - bed, workinga corner, a place for storing toys and books, wardrobes for clothes. Filling children's "basic" subjects, parents should remember about that time, "when the trees were large", and even more so - the room. In order not to put pressure on the child's psyche, they must be proportionate to his age and growth. It is desirable to store things in the dressing room, even thesmall, or in a built-in closet. If this is not possible, it is better to look for or order a low cabinet - 1 m 40 cm or slightly higher. Proceeding from the same logic, experts in the organization of children's spaces recommend to leave massive wooden sports bars, which have become fashionable to install in children's rooms, or to paint wooden walls in color. The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova

Our opinion:

- The easiest way to save space -transformable furniture and furniture, taking into account the features of a particular room. The loft bed, for example, will help you move the sleeping area to the "second" floor and free up space for the cabinet, shelves, extra playing space or activities. Remember that the writing and drawing desk should be located at the window, and the light should fall in front or in the side: from left to right for the right-hander and from right to left for the left-hander. The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova Tables and chairs can also be transformable. But the most ergonomic options and in this case are obtained, as a rule, when the workplace is made to order. Then from the side you can arrange cabinets and shelves for books needed for your child's modification. The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova

In addition to the main cabinets, it is good to provideboxes, chests, modules that can be turned into a beard table, a trainer's cradle, a Mule Mec car or Snusmurik's boat. Great, if you can put a hut or a house there, hang a hammock or basket for the ball, arrange a wall of a climber or a drawing board. For your Little Prince or Princess it is much more than just a room - a whole planet. The more she has the opportunity, the better. Oksana Panfilova, interior designer:

- We have a principle:a children's room is a developmental environment for a child, where he spends a lot of time. First, it must be practical, convenient and inexpensive. It is important that the child can paint the wardrobe with markers, and the mother can not faint at the same time. Secondly, it must be bright. Try asking your child to compose a room for himself - you will be surprised what combinations of colors and textures appear. There is no need to be afraid of flowers. We must be afraid of lisping. Steamers, bear chandeliers and other things. The child will quickly grow out of this and they will annoy him. Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtaleva invented such a bright and modern nursery for two boys in the Kvartirny Vopros program on NTV. The miraculous transformation was called “Metamorphoses”. The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova The interior was created by Oksana Panfilova and Lyudmila Krishtalova

Instead of Mickey Mouse and Malvin Oksana adviseshang a designer lamp, better - controlled by the console, use catchy modern furniture. Moreover, there are now quite inexpensive replicas of famous items. Any child likes a bubble chair or an egg-chair. The same principles are followed, for example, by Hollywood stylist and designer Rachel Zoey. Interior in the nursery in the house of Rachel Zoe Interior in the nursery in the house of Jessica Simpson

If you create space for the newborn,it is necessary to do with minimal means both for furniture and decor. The child will soon grow up, and will have to acquire "older" items. From 3-4 years you can already listen to the child himself. Do not impose his own ideas about the ideal interior. Preschoolers are rarely fans of minimalism, girls - high-tech, and boys - English classics. As a rule, heirs prefer something modern and bright, and heirs - cozy and romantic. But even this is not necessary. The universal space with elements of eclecticism is best for the child - children's tastes change at times faster than the seasons.

Remember that the child's brain perceives the world at allnot like ours. Where the adult has a ready-made model, the child has a free flight of fantasy. Hence the ability of the stick to turn into a horse, the skein of thread - into a doll, and the pudding - to get acquainted with girls. To develop the creative abilities and imagination of your baby, you need multifunctionality, not only practical, but also imaginative: different combinations of textures and materials, a wealth of tactile and visual sensations. Detailing. How often childhood returns to us with such small signs, snatched up by the memory of time, like "palms on wallpaper", "Gagarin in a ballpoint pen", and caramels in a paper bag. Our opinion:

- Even the floors in the nursery can change masks. On a dark tree, covered with a strong anti-vandal varnish, it is convenient to draw with crayons, it is necessary to put a simple mat with markings - you can arrange races, and tired - change to a track with numbers and jump into classics. In winter, in our climate, the floor in the nursery is best covered with a coating. Choose for this one that allows washing in the car, and be sure to check the certificates and permits for use in children's rooms. IKEA carpet IKEA carpet

Security is the most important issue for children. Sockets should be closed with plugs, furniture should be chosen without sharp angles and preferably without an overhead décor, which your child can tear and thrust into his mouth, windows and doors should be well-placed with stoppers, and high bows on the high bed. All lamps must be unbreakable. Even if the child can not get them by hand, no one guarantees that he will not get there by the ball. Oksana Panfilova, interior designer:

- The ideal nursery is the one that the baby likes,where he feels relaxed and is not afraid to show his creative and physical abilities. I think that the main word here is freedom. If it can be used for this space, then the room is good.