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Fireplace in the apartment: 20 ideas and a review of models -

The hearth in the apartment for many years remained unrealizablethe dream of most urban residents. However, with the development of technologies, the magic of "living" fire became not only closer, but also more accessible. We are sure, very soon electric fireplaces will be equal in popularity with air conditioners, at least we do not see any obstacles for this

The fireplace with open fire in the house is one of the mostancient symbols of warmth and comfort. However, the industrial age of rampant urbanism dictates its own laws of life and slowly, but surely takes away the legacy of our ancestors, filling it with innovative developments of a very different kind. Among them you can find inventions that are close to fantastic, for example, a fire that heats, but does not burn. Where such a meet? In the electric fireplace of course!

The birth of electric fireplaces took place in the middlethe last century in the UK. As for the technical characteristics, everything is simple: the heart of the unit is an electrically powered infrared heating element. Firewood and coal are not needed for electric fireplaces, and this, in turn, completely eliminates the need to use any fireplace utensils, as well as obtaining special permits for installation.

Little going into the technical details, we note that all such fireplaces are divided into two criteria: the method of installation and the dimensions of the furnace. Natalia Sofronova, interior designer: - The most common installation option is an electric fireplace built into the portal. The frame in this case is used not only as a fastener, but also performs a decorative function, giving the fireplace a complete look. Natalia Sofronova, interior designer:

- There are also electric fences, whichmounted on the wall, like a picture or a TV. Presence of specially prepared niches and any protective surfaces is not required for this type of installation. In a room where there is enough free space, it is possible to install separately standing pockets, everything is quite simple here. The most difficult method of installation can be called an electric fireplace built into the wall. The reason is that such a unit requires the initial preparation of the surface for installation. This method is most acceptable at the stage of general repair of the premises.

Any other option, except for the latter, is notrequires preliminary preparation of the space, therefore it is possible to install the electric cell in the apartment even after repair. Portals for electric fireplaces are made of any material, whether wood, stone or polyurethane. There are countless numbers on the market, of any color, style and size. Thus, the only necessary element of the stable operation of such a fireplace is the proximity of the outlet and the voltage in the 220 V network.

Similar devices along with an aesthetic functioncan also realize a heating. One source of "electric flame" with a heating capacity of 2 kW is enough to heat a room of 20 m2. Glenrich Rondo S36 36 000 р. Fireplace insert is suitable for a portal of any style orientation. The glass at the device is semicircular, due to which a quality cast can be seen in all details. Dimplex Derby Danville Chrome 98 400 р. This hearth with the portal is also equipped with the effect of smoke OptiMyst. The design of the fireplace is quite simple, decorated with a classic ornament. Lindos Engine 95 500 р. Another fireplace with a smoke effect from Dimplex. However, this model is completed with a portal in the style of classical minimalism. It is controlled by the remote control. Glenrich George 78 000 р. This model will withstand the placement of TV on the top cover and has a two-stage heating system. Electric fireplace Scarlett SC-2055 4 490 р. Option for those who are looking for "cheap and angry". Reviews for this model are mostly good. The only thing that the owners lack is the sound accompaniment of the "burning logs". Volcano 54 900 р. This electric fireplace completely adapts to the owner. The crackle of the flame can be turned off, the intensity of the "fire" can be adjusted. There are also two levels of heating. Dewy 7 500 р. The weight of this electric fireplace is only two and a half kilograms. The model is portable and equipped with an air humidifier. Govard suite 69 000 р. The design of this model can be called traditional. The assembly used the most successful of the wide foci of Firespace 33W S IR. Another nice detail - the portal design, equipped with a shelf. Tokio FS33SIR WT 69 000 р. This electric fireplace is equipped with a quality hotbed of luxury and decorated in the style of Japanese minimalism. Dimplex Hearth Opti-Myst Redway 87 000 р. This wall-mounted electric fireplace will appeal to lovers of minimalism and all-in-one devices. Here you and the effect of "living" fire, and control the intensity of smoke, and flame-independent heating mode. Dimplex Multioch Opti-Myst Silverton 67 000 р. The main advantage of this fireplace is logs, which can be freely moved and laid out in any composition. "Living" flame, according to the assurances of the owners, can not be distinguished from the present, and the logs themselves are equipped with light-emitting diodes for greater effect. Opti-V 2 251 000 p. This model was originally created for bars and restaurants. A new development using LED technology creates the effect of flying sparks. Leran ND-20B1 10 990 р. Budget model - ideal for giving and the country house. This fireplace weighs a lot - almost a quarter of a centner, but it is equipped with an auto-shut-off in case of overheating and overturning. Leran EF455 9 990 р. This fireplace can be installed either directly on a flat surface, or mounted in a wall. Dimplex Bingham 177 000 р. This stand-alone fireplace will look great in a minimalist interior. However, please note that there is no heating function in this model.