The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Dark walls: Swedish interior with a scent of cinnamon

Want to create a comfortable and interesting interior withcharacter? Try to choose a dark color as the basis. Think gloomy? Not at all, the main thing is to choose the right shade, today we will show you an example that will inspire you. How can a dark color make an interior homely, balanced, cozy and interesting? Today we will look at this in a real example. In the field of our vision there was an apartment, the area of ​​which is equal to 68 square meters. It has a friendly family of four: an adult married couple and their children, 8 and 10 years old.

Mysteriousness of a dark color

This interior does not look gloomy. On the contrary, it radiates heat, joy and immerses from the first minutes into a mysterious atmosphere. It smells of cinnamon, chocolate, tart sweetness, a little bit of bitterness. This effect was achieved due to the correct combination of a complex dark color with other objects of decor, furniture and decoration. The lighting is also important here. Our opinion: - Brown color in different combinations balances and is perfectly perceived. It causes associations related to land, minerals, practicality and reliability. This interior is perceived this way. It can be seen that the owners of the apartment love nature. This is probably related to their profession.

That was not boring

Brown color - versatile and goodcombined with light, milky, beige shades, as well as bright, juicy colors. Look how it fits perfectly into the bedroom and bathroom space. In these rooms it is better to use light shades, close to natural. So they will create a more peaceful environment. To space did not look boring, it was diluted with different accents in the form of decorative pillows, textiles, paintings. The more light, especially the daylight, the darker the background color is allowed. To make the character and depth in the living room, the walls were made darker (coffee, chocolate, copper). The space was balanced by the floor, ceiling and furniture of light colors. In the kitchen, too, looks beautiful dark color,contrasting with such elements as a light table, light linen curtains, three-dimensional white lamps. A kitchen apron is decorated in light colors, with bright splashes of color in the form of exotic birds. In the nursery is a completely different mood. The room looks bright and cheerful. To make the room look brighter, a light shade of walls is specially chosen, and a dark color is added dosed. Red carpet is an excellent addition that gives warmth and joy.

Travel Imprint

It can be seen that travel is an integralpart of the life of the apartment owners. This was reflected in the interior, where a lot of space for strange things and sculptures. In the living room there is a whole wall with a wardrobe to show amazing and mysterious objects. That they could be well considered, specially made backlit to them. On a dark background of walls and furniture, the white cupboard stands out. Our opinion: - Golden, copper accessories and accessories give a mysterious radiance. There is a possibility that the owner of the apartment is an archaeologist, hence the desire to share the beauty of interesting antique specimens, which are many in the entire apartment.

Butterflies everywhere

Such a deep and complex color in the interiorpick curious people who are focused on research, cognitive activity. They like to observe the world around them. In this apartment are settled just such people. Studying butterflies - most likely, this is the profession of the landlady of the apartment. Butterflies under the glass, hung on the walls, are romantic symbols and do not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. This gives the interior a lightness and joy. Moreover, they perfectly match in color and expel depression from space. Our opinion: - As you can see, the interior in different shades of brown, black, copper and lead in combination with natural materials, light color scheme and bright paintings looks modern, stylish and at home. It is comfortable and very interesting in it.

Apartment layout

Interior chips that you can use in your apartment

Dark walls are a highlight of the interior. With the example of this Swedish apartment, we were able to make sure that the dark color, and especially the rich palette from black to copper, coffee and lead, can look great and make the apartment incredibly cozy, homey and interesting. And all thanks to the moderate use of the palette, the dilution of its accessories and details of bright colors, a well-planned light solution. Try to experiment with these shades. See how it might look in different rooms and styles. Wicker furniture is the guarantee of a cozy environment. This interior uses wicker furniture, which fills the apartment with a warm atmosphere. This gives the interior a relaxed character, introduces a touch of lightness, the presence of the African summer (like sending to hot countries where it is widely used wicker furniture). We offer to take a look at several examples of this use of wicker furniture in the interior. Things with a story make the interior special. This method can not afford everything, but it looks very impressive. Antiques make the interior more statusful, full, signaling to the guests that the owner of the apartment knows a lot about beautiful and significant things, that he has good taste and he is not indifferent to the history. Here are some good examples of using this technique in the interior.