The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Design of a two-room apartment: a beautiful interior with a Soviet character

Today we will show you an apartment in a "Stalin's" house where the new mistress managed to preserve the spirit of the old era: in chandeliers, stucco, parquet and batteries

It's always interesting to look behind the scenes of the goodRepair. Today we were helped by the art director of the Decorators' Union of Studio № 5 Nelli Alekseeva. Nelly interviewed Galina Lugina, the owner and decorator of the bureau of the same name.

Galina lives in the "Stalin's" house on Bauman, inTwo-room apartment, next to the office, and goes to work on foot. Her office specializes in the textile design of country houses, apartments, offices, studios, masterfully completing them with curtains, textiles, changing upholstery and restoring furniture. In addition, Galina conducts personal interior projects in full format. He is fond of photography. - How did you come to live in this apartment? "This apartment was waiting for me." Half a year I constantly looked through the apartments until I realized: I want to live in the center, in a house with a history, the apartment should have an interesting layout, high ceilings and as quiet as possible. And I found it. Initially, the apartment belonged to Boris Pavlovich Beloglazov - a teacher, a professor from the OKB them. Tupolev. I inherited the history of the Soviet aircraft industry, medals, letters of appreciation, thank you letters, drawings, bales of papers, written in formulas, and a library. My main task in creating an interior was to keep her spirit. I wanted to fit in it the remaining aircraft-building artifacts and associations with the era to which they belonged. The apartment was restored windows, parquet and batteries in 1938, preserved and objects of the residential environment of the time - the phone, ebonite meter, chandeliers. All the furniture was designed with a reference to this style, doors with transoms, oak cabinet-library, chest of drawers, bedside tables ... It was important for me to keep the stucco, the volumes and proportions of the premises, having arranged them for my needs - thus, the kitchen and the living room were combined, but Preserved all the old boundaries of the layout, "read" on the floor and ceiling. - How did you become a decorator? - Up to 30 years I was an accountant in a large construction company. Then she abandoned everything, graduated from the Institute of Architectural Design. And for more than 10 years now I've been inventing new ways of sewing curtains and textile decor. Textiles are 30-40% of the interior. For decorators, this is almost a religious question. The most important thing is to keep the atmosphere of the interior or help to make accents. Each project is unique, even in its simplicity and minimalism. Therefore, sometimes I order the individual color of the fabric in the factory, I do complex embroidery or I develop cornices and holders with hand carving and painting with the carver. Now I'm working on a collection of braids and brushes for the Russian market and my projects. France is expensive, and the tape is in a trend. For me there is no word "impossible" in textile decor, there are different ways of realizing the idea ... - Tell us about the kitchen. - My kitchen, in fact, is part of the living room, so it should be as neutral as possible, but functional. That's why it is in white gloss, without pens and accent details, even the apron blends with the color of the walls. It has everything, minute details of filling are thought through, it is simply not visible. - Share with us your favorite recipe. - I feed a weakness to fish and seafood, especially to scallops. Here is my favorite recipe. Scallops in pumpkin sauce. Scallops should be perfectly fresh, if not, then defrost them in milk at room temperature. After defrosting, remove from the milk, let it drain, add salt, a little ground pepper. In a frying pan, pour 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil and fry from two sides for 2-3 minutes. Pumpkin cut into pieces and cook in milk, then add a little honey and butter, whisk in a puree blender. We spread golden scallops on a plate, we decorate with sauce. It's not even food - it's 100% fun in half-tones.

The report also uses photos made by Yevgeny Kulibaba, for which the author of the interview is immensely grateful.