Festive decoration of windows: 25 New Year's ideas

Want to create in your interior a wonderfulA festive atmosphere? You can make toys or a Christmas tree with your own hands, but sometimes it is enough to pay attention to one window, so that your interior becomes a New Year's magic. On the eve of the New Year's celebrations, everyone is trying to decorate their house to create a wonderful festive atmosphere. It is not necessary to decorate the whole house, enough to decorate one window. Decorating the window is not difficult. This will add to your home a unique personality. There is enough simple paper and scissors to induce a New Year's mood in the room. If you add a few Christmas tree toys, ribbons and candles, your window will shine and change. So, about everything in order. We have many New Year's ideas, and we are ready to share them. Moreover, they are easy to implement.

Fresh look at traditional snowflakes

Do not give up the idea of ​​cutting snowflakes. Firstly, this is a wonderful soothing remedy, as you switch to a positive wave. Secondly, snowflakes are an invariable New Year's element of decor. Not everyone likes to stick a soapy solution of snowflakes to the glass, since then (after the holidays) it is necessary to wash the glasses. In this case, use threads. You can cut snowflakes of all sizes. Our opinion: - Stir small specimens mixed with cotton balls and fasten them on the cornice vertically. This will create the effect of falling snow on your window. Large snowflakes can easily replace an openwork curtain, if they are densely placed. Simple, fast, beautiful, and most importantly - cheers up!

Christmas tree toys: multicolored shining accents

If you are not going to decorate the tree this year,Use toys as decor on the window. With their help, it's easy to create colorful compositions. Not necessarily they should be the same size and same color. Combine small balls with large balls. To make a composition of Christmas toys look festive, catch them on the ribbons. The basis for fastening the toys is decorated with rain, simulating the Christmas tree branches. If you want, the real branch will work. This is done quickly, but the result is beautiful. There are many options to create color accents. You can add a bow of a certain color, which will be in harmony with the color of the toys and, in general, with the interior. Hang it on a branch in the center. Specify a range of colors will help beads, bright satin ribbons, pieces of wallpaper. Window for a while will become a canvas for the realization of your creative potential.

New Year's compositions

Lovers of the scent of Christmas trees can not deny themselvesPleasure. From small Christmas tree branches make round wreaths and attach them with a satin ribbon to the cornice. Festive composition with the fragrance of the New Year is ready! On the windowsill you can install miniature Christmas trees. Or rather, twigs that imitate Christmas trees. The base on which they stand, hide in sacking. Instead of it, if desired, you can use any pieces of tissue. For beauty and style, place the candles on the windowsill. Our opinion: - If you have interesting plants in pots, use them to create a common festive composition. It's enough a couple of toys and one twig to make the window in the kitchen more attractive. Or, in the middle of the window, stretch out one rope and hang any toys, cones, asterisks on it. On the windowsill put a vase with green twigs. Tinsel, rain, candy, Christmas toys, beads - all use to decorate the window. Joyful mood will be provided to you.

Light from your window

Light installations will be created on your windowA magical atmosphere. Garlands of stars, hung vertically, resemble a starfall. A simple dry branch, attached at the top of the window, will become an excellent decor element for a while. It is good to hang out any garlands, snowflakes, toys. In the dark, light illumination on the window looks good. Do not forget about the candles, they are also the same New Year's companions. For safety, place them in jars. Additionally, zadekoriruyte tanks with a ribbon and a twig.

Original solutions

When you make a window, do not stopStandard schemes. New Year presents such a unique opportunity to show their imagination. On your window space can temporarily settle forest animals, fairy-tale heroes, fir cones. The illusion of icicles or frozen droplets of water is easy to create with the help of beads. Such crystals can be removed from an old chandelier or purchased from a hardware store. If you do not want to hang anything and put it on the windows, except curtains, then it's enough to sew the braid with fluffy white pompons. They will outwardly resemble snowballs and create the necessary festive winter mood.