The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Design of a three-room apartment: minimalism style


Today we will show you a three-room apartment,The layout of which was not very good initially, but with the help of competent design all the flaws were corrected. And yet striking unusual style of the apartment. This minimalism, but it feels the Brazilian spirit

The design of the apartment was made for a young family fromthree people: husband - 37 years old, wife - 32 years old and teenage boy - 12. The owners love Brazil very much, the husband's work involves frequent trips to this country, so palm trees, exotic animals and the jungle became the theme for interior decoration. Julia Arslanova managed to bring the Brazilian spirit to the apartment. Julia Arslanova, designer Graduated from the International School of Design. Interior designer of residential and public spaces in accordance with the international standard of the IIDA profession.

The area of ​​the apartment is 80 square meters.ceiling height 3 meters. It is made in a modern style with retro elements. Redevelopments were not carried out, since this is a new building with space free from partitions. The only difficulty I had to face was the curvature of the outer walls, which was a bit limiting. In addition, there were only three windows for the entire area of ​​the apartment, and the balcony and loggia were not provided initially, therefore all living areas are located near the windows. Layout

The main desire of the customer was to divide the residentialzones, that is, the parents' bedroom should be separated from the son's bedroom. As a result, the layout of the space made it possible to separate two bedrooms at different ends of the apartment, and between them there was a guest room, which at the same time serves as a bedroom for the grandmother who comes to visit. Coloristics

The choice of color solution was dictated by colorsBrazilian flag: shades of green and blue with various bright blotches. In such an interior, customers have the opportunity to arrange on the shelves and hang on the walls of a huge number of statues and paintings that were brought from travel in a colorful country.

From the corridor, the immersion begins immediatelyThe atmosphere of Brazil: floral ornaments in furniture, green plants in pots, statuettes of monkeys and paintings with parrots, which complement the bright elements of the minimalist design of the apartment. The corridor flows smoothly into the kitchen.

The simplicity of the forms and lines of the kitchen allowed it to become visually inconspicuous, and the solid smooth furnish of dark wood hid all the equipment and made the kitchen an integral part of the interior.

A small dining area is represented by a table on thin legs with a glass table top and four air chairs.

In the interior of the kitchen used:

  • Table - Signal Meble;
  • Chairs - Bertoia;
  • Sockets and switches - THPG (Thomas Hoof);
  • A hob and an oven - Miele;
  • Suspended lamps - ClassiCon and Kraft House.

In the master bedroom, above the bed, the presentThe sun in the form of a mirror with long rays. The theme of fine bronze lines continues in the lamps and in the form of a bucket under the table. Retro style in the interior of the master bedroom is represented by a bedside table and a table on long conical legs. About the jungle of Brazil remind bright pillows and curtains with drawings of vegetation and parrots.

In the interior of the bedroom used:

  • Bed - Thrive furniture;
  • Sockets and switches - THPG (Thomas Hoof);
  • Vases-florariums and desktop photo frames - Umbra;
  • Suspended and table lamps - Kraft House;
  • Curtains, mirrors, rugs and decor - Maisons Du Monde.

The entrance to the living room is a translucent sliding doorDoor to the ceiling. The sofa and armchair of the 50's and 60's together with a long-legged lamp perfectly fit into the overall interior and are combined with the original composition of lamps of various shapes on the ceiling. And from the walls of the room visitors are looking at a toucan and a parrot.

In the interior of the living room used:

  • Sofa and armchair - Thrive furniture;
  • Sockets and switches - THPG (Thomas Hoof);
  • Vases-florariums - Umbra;
  • Suspended lamps - Kraft House and ClassiCon;
  • Curtains and decor - Maisons Du Monde;
  • Coffee tables - Zara Home;
  • Floor lamp - Flos.

If you did not have time to notice a large number of monkeys, this is because they all moved to the room of a twelve-year-old boy.

In the interior of the room used:

  • Bed - Thrive furniturе;
  • Sockets and switches - THPG (Thomas Hoof);
  • Wardrobe and decor - Maisons Du Monde;
  • Bra monkey - Seletti.

Bronze shades of sanitary ware and accessories in the master bathroom are perfectly combined with the basic colors - dark blue and white.

The toilet with a high tank in the bathroom of the son looks good against the background of the brickwork. He continues the motives of retrostyle in the apartment.