What is the beauty of the interior in neutral colors: 6 reasons


Bright walls seem boring to you, and neutralThe palette is inexpressive? You are very mistaken. Neutral interior is capable of much, from creating a healthy psychological atmosphere and ending with a willingness to experiment. Neutral colors are able to catch boredom at anyone. Most often, the walls in this design cause associations with state institutions is not the most pleasant destination. They are called dull, colorless, indistinct, boring. But are they really bad? Today we will try to revive their former popularity.

Neutral colors emphasize shapes and textures

Your grandfather's armchair is definitely notlost. And not only it. On a neutral background, you can play any card and highlight any more or less bright accent, whether it's a reproduction of a great master or a carpet in a flower.

They can not be tired

Neutral tone a priori is not annoying. On the contrary, they calm the mind and harmonize the space. In such an interior, you can live for years, change accents, decor, and with them - the mood and the very atmosphere of space.

Neutral shades give the opportunity to "play with flowers"

If you want to try something new, but for nowyou are afraid of sudden changes, make a neutral interior and gradually add bright accents to it. You can start with pillows, curtains and carpet. In light, calm shades, such details will stand out particularly strongly and allow you to experience "life in color" in its most active manifestation.

Neutral background works in any style

From Scandinavian to loft, from classics toeclecticism - a calm neutral background will allow you to play any game. Adding a few details of decoration, decor elements or even a couple of bold installations, you will get a bright and impressive interior with a light, almost transparent background.

Neutral palette emphasizes any detail

For example, your collection of porcelain cats or a few bold works of Mexican monumentalists. How do you like Diego Rivera, for example? A dilute greenish shade will be an excellent background for painting.

On a neutral background, you can save

Good news! Having changed stylistic preferences, you do not have to do anew repairs. Neutral tones will accept any experiments, and even transform them from one state to another is a mere trifle.,,,,,,