Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

How to correctly plan a small-scale model: a real example from Sweden


What is literate planning? How in one room to allocate space for the bedroom and at the same time to expand the space? For answers to these questions, we will go to Sweden, where there is a small but cozy apartment with a Scandinavian character. Often during the renovation of an apartment, there is a need for zoning space, especially when it is small. Designers around the world actively propose to use for these purposes glass structures. How it works in a space-deficient environment, let's look at a real example.

Not crowded

This cozy and bright apartment is located inStockholm, in one of the most prestigious areas - Ostermalm, where beautiful old mansions are located. It is decorated taking into account the traditions of this region - in the Scandinavian style. The interior looks simple, light and at the same time interesting and romantic. Despite the small area of ​​the room (34 square meters), it does not feel cramped. In many ways, this effect was achieved thanks to light-colored furniture and white walls, ceiling and floor decoration.

The attractiveness of glass construction

Using this apartment as an example, we can observe thatthe lack of space was compensated by the absence of partitions. Although there is still it between the living room and bedroom area, it is only glass. So it was possible to place everything compactly, isolate personal space from the public and achieve the effect of lightness. The large bed is central to the "bedroom". A fireplace, a romantic setting with candles and flowers suggests that a loving couple has settled here - a creative union of a photographer-illustrator and a designer-florist. A mirror in the sleeping area visually enlarges the space. It was placed in such a way that it reflected the fire from the fireplace, making the atmosphere more romantic and mysterious. Glass structures are considered versatile for interior applications. They can be installed in any room. So here they were used not only in the bedroom, but also in the bathroom. Our opinion: - Try to choose bed models with additional drawers. With a small area, this will save space and hide all the necessary things. Decorate the interior in such a way that all items are easy to move.

Lighting Features

Spacious windows without curtains and curtains givethe necessary flow of daylight. Additionally, different lighting is used in each zone. Ceiling adjustable light sources are installed in the living room. This allows you to feel comfortable in different parts of the room. If necessary, you can create a subdued, calm light or, conversely, bright. In the dining room, a pendant chandelier with a wicker shade also plays a decorative and accent role. The spherical shape looks organically against the background of a round table and makes the interior more interesting.

The secret of attractiveness

The appeal of this Swedish apartment is notonly in skillful zoning, good colors, glass partitions; it is also notable for its colorful Scandinavian style. To prevent the space from looking too strict, the owners of the room diluted it with bright and cheerful illustrations. The soft fluffy carpet and fireplace made the room warm and cozy. Floral arrangements added a positive mood. Apparently, the couple in love has a great sense of taste and humor. They love nature, and in urban settings they find interaction with it on a small balcony. Perhaps the most interesting creative ideas are born here.