Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Design of a one-room apartment with an area of ​​40 squares

Is it possible to create in a small area a comfortableSpace for a woman and her two children? And so that the interior turned out stylish and modern? It turns out, you can! In this project, designers faced several difficult tasks at once, but they coped perfectly! Irina Ezhova and Olesya Zlobina gladly told us about the solutions that helped them make the interior of this one-room apartment ideal for customers. Articles related to Irina Ezhova and Olesya Zlobina, interior designers Irina Yezhova graduated from the British Higher School of Design. He likes to create interiors, in which every centimeter of space is used. She loves to solve non-standard tasks and find hidden opportunities. In interiors often develops transforming, multifunctional solutions. Olesya Zlobina is also a graduate of the British Higher School of Design, and she is engaged in interior design relatively recently. Its approach to work is to balance the form and content of the interior, between the wishes of the client and the introduction of novelty. It is very important for it to create a comfortable and stylish design., The main difficulty that designers had to overcome was to delineate a small area so that each member of the family had a corner that met his requirements. A lot of requirements: the customer, the mother of two children, wanted to have a sunny interior, but in quiet colors with a minimum of wood and loft elements; The boy needed a separate work area and the ability to play with friends in the X-box without hindrance, and the girl, among other things, very much wanted to have a pouf-pouf. And of course, it was necessary to think over a convenient storage system, built-in and even hidden, not taking up much space. We started with redevelopment: Moved the bathroom door to the hallway, so as not to block the corridor. Then they built the podium in the room where the boy's sleeping and working place was located. Fenced off this area from the common with the help of cabinets of different heights, and under the podium equipped with storage space. For convenience, the girls also created all the conditions. The loggia was insulated and turned into a kind of office and a place of rest. The bed of the younger mistress was located at the window, and as the windows of the apartment go to the south, dense curtains-blackout appeared in the room.

  • Engineering board Arte Tech 16 / 4mm - Finex.
  • Semi-bar stool - Tomoko, Cosmorelax.
  • Chair - Martin, Deephouse.
  • Turntable - Crate and Barrel.
  • Soft pouf - Smart-ball.
  • On the loggia floor tiles Ergon.

Related articles At will, the head of the family for the walls usedLight color: matte for the room and semi-matt for the rest of the premises, and all the bright accents left in the boy's area - they are easily and quickly replaced if desired. To make the neutral interior more interesting, and at the same time to further delineate space, provided multi-level lighting. Top light, table lamps, wall lamps in frames, built-in linear light in the corridor and spots in the kitchen and the loggia - designers did not skimp on the ideas.

  • Lamps - "Center of Light", Vibia, Riflettore Black, Loft-concept.

With furniture, too, had to work: Most of it is made to order and can be transformed or performs several functions. The main example - a kitchen table on wheels, consisting of two different levels. They are compactly placed under each other and move through the grooves in the wall. The dream of the owners about the inconspicuous storage system has come true. Convenient built-in closets combine corridor and kitchen and are not at all conspicuous. A bathroom was made visually more spacious with the help of a shower cabin without a pallet and built-in sanitary ware.

  • Crockery - Bo Concept, Cosmorelax.
  • Kitchen clock - Oliver Hemming Simplex W300S26W.
  • Florariums are MiniNature.
  • Mirror in the kitchen - IKEA.
  • Decor for bathroom, fragrance, towels - Zara Home, H & M.

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