With your own hands

We embody the dream: how to decorate a nursery with the help of stickers


The child learns the surrounding reality throughSurrounding objects. Such small decorative details as vinyl stickers and pouffes for children can help in this. How to choose them, read below Such elements of the decor of the children's room, like funny vinyl stickers and soft colored puffs, will help create a cheerful, colorful world for your baby.

Wall art"

Vinyl stickers allow you to effortlessly andCosts decorate the nursery and transform it in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it is a convenient way to zonate space, thus allocating, for example, the territory for games or recreation. In addition, stickers not only decorate the room, but also help the baby in development. For example, stickers with letters - an interesting way for a child to learn the alphabet. A suitable place for them will be not only the wall, but also the facade of furniture or a regular sheet of Whatman. Conventionally, vinyl stickers are divided into two groups:for boys and girls. And it is better to choose them together with the child, since the variety of topics is amazing. Psychologists, for example, advise using animal-shaped stickers: this creates a positive attitude and has a beneficial effect on the development of children. Stickers with cartoon characters, especially American ones, should not be carried away. Children are delighted with bright Disney characters, but their image is a projection of a certain view of the world, which often has a negative impact on the development and emotional life of a child. Remember that the abundance of bright details turns the nursery into a colorful collage. In this case, it is more expedient to replace the stickers with textiles with the image of the beloved hero, because pillows, curtains, bedspreads are easy to remove or change. However, there should be a measure in everything, because the excessive replication of the image will create the impression that the room belongs to him, and not to the child. Europeans prefer autumn, pastel-colored stickers. In the nursery, they look just as good as the cartoon characters. Such small details instantly change the mood of the room, turning it into a nursery, even if the space is decided in the context of the overall interior concept of the entire apartment (say, in a classic style). Decorating a room with vinyl decals is fun for toddlers due to its simplicity. Teenagers will love stories in a romantic vein, and, showing imagination, they will be able to decorate their room on their own. And to make the interior harmonious, adhere to a few simple rules: use stickers in the play and recreation area, refrain from repeating the image of the same character many times and, most importantly, take into account the wishes of the child: this will bring joy to both you and him.

Are we playing or are we sitting?

Soft poufs in the nursery perform severalFunctions: serve as a toy that children love to tinker with, a comfortable seat and even a place to store things. Moreover, with their help, you can zone the space and add bright accents to the interior, not to mention the fact that it is just fun and funny. To make the nursery environment look holistic, the designers recommend choosing ottomans to match the main color scheme of the nursery, but a couple of bright details will revive the space, making it more cheerful and cheerful. In this case, models with removable covers will come in handy. To avoid mistakes in choosing a ottoman, feel free to consult with your child. Of course, it is better to buy an ottoman made of hypoallergenic and easy-care material. An object with soft contents can easily replace a toy for a baby, and they also like to arrange hugs with it and happily roll on it. The rustling armchairs attract children with their unusual sound. In addition, often such models easily take any form, which is also of interest. For older children, stylized models are suitable that will meet their preferences, become a favorite place for gatherings with friends and at the same time perfectly complement the room's surroundings.