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Fantastic cave apartment in Moscow


If you love wildlife and travel, thenyou will definitely like the apartment of Alexey and Anna. The couple managed to create a unique cave apartment, which, however, has room for comfort and modern technology. An amazing apartment with high ceilings (4.9 meters!) Is located on the sixth floor. A creative family of three lives here. Alexey is the head of her own design studio, Anna is a professional photographer. Their daughter, seven-year-old Zlata, is a schoolgirl. All family members are very fond of outdoor activities: mountaineering and travel to various places of wild nature. Even Zlata, despite her young age, often travels with her parents. Stalactites on the ceiling, the unusual texture of the walls, the presence of eco-parts and many other elements create the feeling of being not in a modern apartment, but in a unique natural space. Natural materials were mainly used to create the interior of this apartment: wood, slate, quartz, clay .. However, there was a place for comfort and modern trends in design. In addition, unusual techniques of using objects were applied in the "cave", which visually expanded the space. The spouses' love for nature and comfort is noticeable in every room of the apartment.

Unusual tunnel

Acquaintance with the "cave" begins with the hallway, inThe apartment of Alexei and Anna is a kind of tunnel of sand color. The embossed walls of the hallway are covered with decorative plaster. Lighting uses LED stripes that are on the walls. In addition, the room has a dressing system, it is covered with frosted glass.

Stalactite and mosaic panels

The hallway leads into a huge space filled withdaylight is a living room that is combined with a dining and kitchen area. Here the interior is decorated in gray tones, natural materials prevail. The walls are rough, covered with micro-cement; the shelves are made of white clay on a wooden frame. A huge wooden cube hangs over the kitchen area. But most of all in this room the stalactite on the ceiling and the large panel made of natural moss are striking. In the living room there is a sofa and a unique eco-element - a spiral staircase fence made of birch trunks. In addition, there is a fireplace in this area, which makes the space more cozy. With the onset of darkness, the living room transforms and becomes completely different - stylized trapping nets of the larvae of the mushroom mosquitoes Arachnocampa luminosa, which live in the Waitomo cave system in New Zealand, "light up" on the ceiling.

Ice Bathroom

In the bathroom there is a really icy atmosphere. The walls are finished with glass, which is moved away from the partitions by several centimeters for free passage of the light rays of the LED tape there. In the shower there are stones of white quartz. An interesting feature of this room is that the floor under the shower system is arranged in such a way that you can completely lower the feet into the water and imagine that you are now not at all in the apartment, but in nature, for example under a waterfall.

Dot light

In the bedroom of Alexey and Anna - a minimum of furniture: Bed and chest of drawers. A note of exotics is made by bedside tables in the form of wooden stumps. The peculiarity of this room is that the relief walls are tapering to the ceiling, and this gives the impression of being in the crevice. Lighting in the bedroom is spotlight - only the necessary areas are highlighted.

Mushrooms on the lawn

The children's room of Zlata is filled with a dayLight, this was achieved by means of longitudinal glazing. A soft green carpet on the floor is associated with a lawn. The furniture in the room is multifunctional - so, the cot with the pillows easily "turns" into a table, beyond which the girl can read a book. The bed of Zlata is quite high, and in order to get to it, the girl needs to get on stylish interior items - fungi.

Expand the space

In addition to the nursery, on the second floor there is aCabinet. The floor in this room is covered with carpet. In the office, some techniques were also applied, which visually increased the space of the room: the wall was decorated with white clay, longitudinal glazing and through shelves were installed. Furniture in the office is also very multifunctional: the table can act as a place for work, and a place for rest. In addition, there is a chest of drawers and an armchair in the room.

Chinese sandstones

The source of inspiration for the bathroom on the secondThe floor of the apartment was made of Chinese sandstone. Sedimentary rock was recreated using shale veneer by peeling off a thin part of the stone and gluing it to the base. Bizarre images in gray, yellow, brown hues are located both on the walls and on the ceiling of the room.

The Bone and the Birch

The open terrace is the real treasure of the apartment. Artificial landscaping was used in this space. The whole area of ​​the terrace is strewn with pieces of stone, and the glazing is closed by a natural green hedge, which gives the interior natural naturalism. In the tub is a birch, which is highlighted on four sides. Armchairs are located around the fire, which is so nice to spend the whole family cozy evenings. Architect Alexey Bereznyak