With your own hands

Gingerbread houses made of cardboard. Master class for children and parents

How to make a New Year's composition of gingerbreadhouses without using pastries? It turns out that even an ordinary cardboard package from under the milk can give an appetizing look with the help of textured paints and colorful buttons. Even children will cope! Charming gingerbread houses - one of the most touching and touching New Year's adornments. Children especially love them, sometimes so much that they eat before the holiday. So if you want to make a decorative composition that will please you for a long time, go for a little trick: do not use pastries. Our master class will teach you how to make a gingerbread village from used cardboard milk packages. We warn: if you do everything correctly, cardboard houses will look no less appetizing than real gingerbread. Therefore, it is better to immediately involve children in the process of creating a festive decor, so that they are convinced of its inedibility! So, to make these charming houses with your own hands, you will need:

  • cartons of milk or juice;
  • cigarette paper;
  • rectangular pieces of cardboard (can be cut from any food boxes);
  • multi-colored buttons;
  • adhesive for decoupage;
  • brown and white acrylic paints for creativity;
  • white textured paste;
  • white and black marker;
  • decor (beads, pebbles and so on);
  • yellow colored paper;
  • tools: brush, scissors, glue gun, sandpaper, scapula for plasticine.

Wash and dry the cardboard bags well. Then cut the plastic neck. Carefully open the tops of the bags. Trim the sides of each top so that triangles are formed (point to the fold lines). Fold all sides of the top and glue them with a glue gun. The base of the house is ready. Apply glue for decoupage on one sidebox and press to it a piece of tissue paper or napkin. Gently smooth the surface of the paper and repeat the procedure with the other side. When the surface of each box is completely covered, the stage can be considered complete. Now that you have given the surface of the boxes a relief texture, paint them in a chocolate brown color. To enhance the effect, you can use a special texture paint. While the boxes dry, make the roof. You just need to cut out the commensurable rectangles from the cardboard and bend them in half. Try them on the boxes. Before gluing roofs, sand their cardboard surfaces with sandpaper. Their texture will become more rough, which means that it will be easier to put texture paste on it. Apply a texture white paste on the roof of the housesShould be a spatula for plasticine or a confectionery shovel. With their help, you can create a wavy relief surface, reminiscent of cream on the cake. While the roofs are not dry, you need to have time to decorate them with buttons. Just gently squeeze them into the surface covered with paste. Now you just have to decorate the houses themselves. Here you will need fantasy and additional decor in the form of buttons, pebbles and pieces of colored paper. How and where to glue them - decide for yourself. Do not forget to also use markers in order to draw windows and doors. To achieve the best result, we recommend that you first draw a plan for decorating your crafts on a piece of paper. And as an example we suggest you to admire these charming little houses. After all the houses are decorated, you canglue them on a stand of wood, polystyrene or thick cardboard and add additional decorative touches, for example, a path of colorful buttons. Such a decorative composition will be able to claim the role of the main Christmas decoration. craftsbyamanda.com