Home Library: How to organize a place for reading


How to organize a place to read in the apartment? It is known that this requires a special, cozy atmosphere, for the creation of which you need to know some subtleties and tricks. Our review will help you create the perfect place for your favorite occupation. To completely immerse yourself in the world of the book, you need privacy. When there is no special room or cabinet for the library, you can read anywhere. However, a separate zone with a comfortable place forms a ritual of unhurried "absorption" of intellectual food. So, what do you need to know to create the perfect place to read?

Closer to the light - window sill

The first step is to find a secluded place.The main condition is peace and quiet so that you can stay with the book tete-a-tete. The most common reading space is the wide window sill by the window. Such a place is well suited for daytime reading. It is a great source of illumination for the eyes. And the view outside the window will help relieve tension and relax after a long reading. For a comfortable stay on the windowsill, use decorative pillows. If you wish, you can equip the place with shelves. The main thing is that this space does not conflict with the general style of the interior. As a bench, there will be a comfortable window sill up to 45 centimeters high. If it is a little higher, then it may well pretend to be a table at which it is comfortable to read, make notes, drink tea, coffee.

Balcony, terrace, loggia, attic

In fine weather, an ideal place to readthere will be a balcony, terrace or loggia. A soft blanket and pillows will help create a cozy atmosphere. The attic has one positive feature - it sets you up for relaxation. You don't need a lot of space to read books. It's okay if the room is small. This will make the atmosphere more intimate. Equip the attic with book shelves, put a comfortable armchair (chair, sofa) by the window. This place is the brightest. This will give you a real pleasure in reading. Our opinion: - When you have only one room, the effect of intimacy in one space can be achieved using screens, open shelves or bookcases. It is important for book lovers to relax, immerse themselves in reading and imagine what is described in the work as realistically as possible.

Which chair is better

You can read on anything:on a chair, bench, sofa, couch, but the most comfortable place is an armchair. And even better when it comes with a footrest. There are specially equipped models. If you do not have such a chair, then the pouf is the main contender for this role. It's good when the chair has comfortable armrests. Designers offer non-standard options for chairs, equipped with a mini-library. They have additional storage space. Our opinion: - Choose any place convenient for you to read. This can be a leather throne chair, a rocking chair, a suspended light structure, a chest or a couch. The main thing is that it meets your comfort needs. If you are not using a footrest, place a soft mat in the area of ​​the chair. The atmosphere will become cozier and your feet will be warmer. This means you can immerse yourself in reading without discomfort.

Everything is fine!

Books in the interior create a special atmosphere. It is important that they support a stylistic decision in the house and do not clutter up space. Choose them by color, which will make the room stylish. It's good when the bookshelves are next to the place for reading. When this is not possible, use baskets and boxes for books. So you can take a few books and not create a mess on the floor.

In friendship with the light

Consider good lighting.After all, the load on vision is serious. In addition to daylight, use additional lamps, sconces, or a floor lamp with height adjustment. Choose incandescent bulbs that are close to daylight. The bright directional light in the reading area is useful for those who read at night. Our opinion: - To prevent a shadow from falling on the book from the hand, it is recommended to install the light source on the left for right-handers and on the right for left-handers. The main condition for lighting is that the light falls on the pages of the text. It is recommended to create a reading area in a light-colored interior. A light colored surface is capable of diffusing light and reducing stress.,,,,,