Yota Devices office design and company workflow


Do you already have YotaPhone? No? Will be! In the meantime, look where it's being made. We looked into the office of the company Yota Devices, gasped and realized that we only need to work in such conditions!

Open space

Yota Devices offices are located in different placesPeace: in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada. The headquarters of the company is located in Moscow, and it strikingly differs from the usual spaces for work. However, we have a unique opportunity to carefully consider the office of Yota Devices. Yota Devices office is decorated in the most modernVariant of planning - open space. Here there are certain rules - openness, constant interaction and quick access. Office open space - it's an easy and bright space, in which it's really nice to be. It can not be called boring, because there are bright accents, which bring a joyful note to the interior.


Yota Devices office is bright and spaciousA dressing room in which the company's employees can leave their outer clothing and shoes. Everything is strictly organized and each place has its own place - on the shoulders or on the shoe shelf. Many employees are pleased with the presence of a huge mirror in full growth - this is a fairly rare accessory for offices. A nice bonus - bright orange puffs.

Conference hall

Employees of the company call these rooms"Negotiations." Despite the seriousness of the meetings that take place in this space, there are glass partitions, cacti and bright red armchairs. By the way, if necessary, any employee of the company can come to the conference room with a laptop and continue to work in the meeting room.


The corridor is formed by dividing the premisesGlass partitions. On the left, there are colored walls - pink, light green and blue. On the ceiling there are brutal accents - wires and metal beams.

Dinner Zone

The spacious dining area includesKitchen set and several high round tables. Also here you can see modern kitchen gadgets, such as a microwave and a coffee machine. A huge plus - a few light sources. On the wall - a funny picture with ruddy girls.

Designers room

The most creative space in the office. Balloons of different shades of green, artificial tulips on long stems and a red armchair-pear. In the middle of the room - a zone for communication, and staff positions are located along the perimeter. There is also a photograph called "In vain youth" (not included in the frame).

Motivation and control

The interior in the open space style has its own characteristics. For example, full transparency in direct and figurative senses - glass partitions make it easy to see what your colleague is currently busy with. How convenient is it to work in such an office? Is there no need for a personal space? Do not interfere with the conversations of colleagues to concentrate on work? We asked these questions to the company's employees. I can not say that for me the interior is in styleOpen space was an additional incentive for work, rather, it's a nice addition. I like that there are no limiting barriers here. It is possible both with the management and with colleagues to discuss some working moments. In principle, I do not need a room for rest - in order to relax, it's enough for me to go out and get some fresh air. I want to say that I myself actively use Yota Devices products - I have a phone, a router and other devices, among which are those that are in the test mode.

Mahmud Mahmudov, Chief Operating Officer Of course, you need to get used to the open space. There is an acute problem of concentration - with me in one space are 10-12 people who talk, call on the phone. I must admit that not everyone can use such an open space, in many respects it depends on the qualities of a person. However, if necessary, I can go into the meeting room. By the way, the interior in the style of open space, in my opinion, has more to informal communication. In addition, there is a constant energy exchange, which very well affects the work process. Although, I admit, I still like the chamber atmosphere more.

Dmitry Protoklitov, Marketing Manager Open space is very convenient, everything hereAre interrelated. There is a constant exchange of positive emotions, it is very close. It is convenient for me to work in such an interior, despite the fact that there are about ten people with me in one space. We do not have a rigid schedule, but there are certain dates when you need to do your work. Sometimes I want to retire - for example, when I draw a new application. Then I go to the "conversation" and sit there about an hour.

Daria Sysoeva, mobile application designer Open space literally addsTransparency of the work process. If I or one of my colleagues has a question, we can immediately discuss it and come to a common solution. It is very convenient. We do not have a rigid time frame when we have to come to work and leave it. In the middle of our room is table football - I sometimes play it after work, so as not to interfere with colleagues. I'm very comfortable with this office - sometimes I even prefer to sit here longer than go home.

Sergey Fedoruk, test engineer

The art of creating

There is no denying the fact that the space aroundgreatly influences us, including our work. Especially in cases where the activity is associated with the creation of a new one. Yota Devices employees work in an unusual office and create unusual smartphones and gadgets. Yota Devices is the developer of YotaPhone 2, the world's first touchscreen smartphone with two screens, one of which is always on. The device combines two displays - a color AMOLED, designed specifically for the YotaPhone, and a black and white EPD display, created using electronic ink technology. It is he who allows the smartphone to be more functional, while consuming less electricity. Despite the presence of two screens, the device is very thin and light. And this is far from all the advantages of a uniquesmartphone! YotaPhone can be tailored just for you - any image, photo or graphics can be placed on the device. An important nuance: the EPD display does not glare in the sun even in direct sunlight and provides a viewing angle of 180 degrees. In reading mode, YotaPhone can be used for up to 100 hours on a single battery charge. In addition, Yota Devices are engaged in the development and production of high-tech subscriber LTE equipment (modems, routers). Photographer - Evgeniy Luchin