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How to apply in the interior one of the main colors of the year - "fiesta" -

Flowers, which are predicted to be particularly successful in thisA lot, and it's quite difficult to talk about each in detail. However, we plan to release a series of materials and start with the brightest. We decided to invite a professional in this matter and showed him one of the shades of this year - Fiesta

Not so long ago we are on the whole list of shades of the year,Selected by the Pantone Color Institute. However, each of the shades, in our opinion, needs a deeper evaluation and analysis. We invited the interior designer Varvara Zelenetskaya and asked her to share her thoughts on the brightest shade of this year Fiesta. Varvara Zelenetskaya, interior designer

Graduate in interior design andA specialist in management in the field of art (graduated from the Humanities Applied Institute and the Institute for Contemporary Arts), trained in Florence at the Lorenzo di Medeci Design Institute. Since 2002 he is co-owner of the Dekointeriors studio in the Central House of Architects. In 2005, she opened a studio, she works with interiors starting from an architectural project and ending with individual subjects that are developed and created independently by sketches of studio designers in her own studio. - Let's start with the fact that all shades in which there are orange, red, yellow combinations are colors, they are the most relevant for life-active spaces, such as living rooms, halls, hallways and, of course, for public institutions - clubs, restaurants . Such colors activate energy. Therefore, for me, the shade of the Fiesta is insanely joyful, juicy and, in the right sense, alive.

However, with all this there is someFeeling retro. Something similar was very popular in the coloristics of the 80s of the last century. Now the fashion for the 80's comes back, and that's why the choice of Pantone seems kinda cunning. But that's not all: Fiesta, in my opinion, is even more complex and multifaceted than it seems. The shade itself I would call cold and rather bleached. That is, it is not an almadovar scarlet red, it is really complicated, there are also notes of yellow, ocher, and white.

As for the application, I see this shade inMostly in varnish. For example, if we talk about the kitchen, then, of course, it's polished facades. Very interesting this complex color will look in the skin. I'm not sure that the proper effect can be achieved in matte invoices. I would use it in all kinds of reflective surfaces - glass, tiles, metal.