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In bed with Madonna: personal star apartments in New York

It's hard to believe, but on August 16, Madonnaturns 56 years old! We allowed ourselves to look inside the New York apartments of the star, in order to acquaint the readers with her extravagant lifestyle. Perhaps you will be inspired by her interior Madonna - one of the most famous, successful and wealthy women in the world. She owns a diverse property in various parts of our planet. But today we want to invite you to her apartment in Manhattan. In our opinion, the interior of this apartment perfectly demonstrates the nature of Madonna, her complex, extravagant nature. This is not surprising, because the designer of this space was one of the people closest to the singer - her own brother Christopher Ciccone. At a glance the apartment is made in styleart deco, as it makes it clear that her mistress was accustomed to be surrounded by the best. And in this context it is not about men, but about art and interior. The paintings of famous masters of painting of the first half of the 10th century, including the works of Dali and Picasso, are the main decorative accents of each room. Modernist paintings adorn even the walls of the gym. The furniture ensemble consists entirely of expensive,Rare objects, such as, for example, a table set of 1930. Performed in different styles, they would seem to contradict each other and introduce disharmony into the interior. However, due to successful color and texture combinations, the situation looks very elegant. The color scheme of the interior is rich in violet shades, which Madonna likes so much. According to the stars, they act on her soothing, help to relax and gather with thoughts. The only room that is knocked out of the generalcontext, is a kitchen made in a modern style. Here, functionality comes first. This design decision is the best characterizes the Madonna - always practical, despite the extravagance.

Interior rules in the style of the Madonna

  • The design of the apartment should inspire. That is why art objects, pictorial or decorative, should be made the central accents of the interior.
  • One of the main roles in creating an elegant andcomfortable atmosphere play textures. That's why you should not save on upholstery and curtains. Noble materials, such as velvet or silk, can bring the interior to a higher level.
  • A competent mixture of styles and eras in the interior not only gives it an individual color, but also demonstrates the rich and versatile inner world of the owner.