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The interior tastes of actress Jennifer Connelly: a charming loft in New York


One of the most beautiful women on the planet according to the versionPeople, Time and Esquire - Jennifer Connelly, who turns 44 on December 12. Among other advantages, it has an impeccable interior taste. Her New York loft is charming Famous actress, Academy Award winner, acclaimed beauty, wife of famous actor Paul Bettany, mother of three and Amnesty International Ambassador Jennifer Connelly is truly admirable. By the age of 44, she seems to have done everything and even more. But today we will talk about her interior preferences. Celebrity married couple Connelly-Bettany has always chosen only the best houses. For example, one of the family's former mansions in Brooklyn, built in the late 19th century, is now on the market for a hefty $ 14 million. And their latest home, a charming loft overlooking the Hudson, was sold for $ 8.5 million just three months after the auction began. After the birth of their youngest daughter Agnes in 2011, the actors surrounded their home life with a secret, so practically nothing is known about the new home of the star couple. But in honor of Jennifer's birthday, we want to give our readers a little tour of her former New York loft, which is undoubtedly worth your attention. In the interior of the apartment is perfectly combined rougha charm of natural decor in loft style (brickwork, concrete, open pipes) and elegant details (pendant lamps from Tom Dixon in the dining room, old painting, art installation decorating the living room ceiling). Such a mixed contrasting style is very characteristic of Jennifer Connelly and in everyday life: simple and refined at the same time, she is charming in any situation. Peering into the details of the interior, you canto assert with confidence that his mistress is a creative, romantic nature. That only there is a sentimental sofa in pink brocade upholstery. However, despite her expressiveness, Jennifer Connelly is definitely distinguished by constancy not only in relation to loved ones, but also to her favorite things. This becomes obvious when you compare fragments of the loft and Brooklyn mansion, in which the actress lived before. Not only the coveted pink sofa, but also the original pendant art installation, and most of the group's furniture living room moved to a new home with the hostess. See for yourself.

Interior techniques from Jennifer Connelly:

  • Brick in the interior is a modern trend. But it still needs to be able to beat. For example, in the living room Jennifer brick end walls are painted black. They are an excellent contrasting frame for the furnishings of the room, emphasize the shades of furniture. The pink sofa, which in the other interior would have looked pale, looks more bright and accentuated in their background.
  • Pay attention to how effectively the lamps from Tom Dickson look against the background of an open metal tube. The combination of industrial style and modernity is one of the most successful eclectic combinations.
  • The absence of window decor makes the roomseem more light, spacious, filled with air. However, this method is good only in those cases where from your windows you can see a beautiful natural landscape, and not neighbors' apartments.
  • If you do not know how to design one of the mainwalls in the living room, install a shallow shelving that will cover its entire surface. This design allows you to place a large number of books, frames with photographs and other decorative accessories, and at the same time "steal" a relatively small amount of space. This technique allows you to kill two birds with one stone: decorate the wall and get rid of the need to load the furniture with extra pieces of furniture: bedside tables, shelves, lockers.
  • The abundance of brick or concrete in the loft interior canmake it too cold. On the example of the loft Jennifer Connelly, you can be sure that the wooden floors perfectly in harmony with the industrial motives and bring warmth and comfort to the apartment atmosphere.