The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Interior design of the apartment: two bright rooms and a kitchen-living room


Looking for fresh ideas for apartment design? In this project there are more than. Here and an unusual kitchen apron, which goes beyond the kitchen, and turquoise children's, and successfully solved the kitchen-living room

The designer of this project was connected at the stage,when the construction was already started. It was necessary to help the customer with the choice of finishing materials, furniture, as well as to develop a color and style solution for the interior. Elvira Narotneva, designer-decorator She got this profession while studying at the Higher School of Environmental Design of the Moscow Architectural Institute and at the Details studio. Specializes in the design and decoration of residential and office premises. In his work, he loves to anticipate the wishes of customers, to combine different styles and objects into a single harmonious picture.

- The customer had a planning solution, andPretty good. I was only interested in the strange wall-column 20 cm wide - I suggested making it at least 40 cm, its length suited me, and I suggested changing the configuration of the ceilings in the bedroom. This would allow you to further highlight and not use a chandelier.

For the first time I met with the customer onPreliminary consultation. After listening to all his wishes, in two weeks I brought him the concept of a design project, as well as catalogs with textiles, wallpaper and palettes of alleged wall colors, which, in my opinion, suited him as much as possible.

The second meeting showed that I am on the right track- I immediately liked my suggestions to the customer. And throughout the project, I was more than once convinced that we "speak the same language" and our tastes are largely the same. But there was also a fly in this project - construction work was constantly delayed or suspended for various reasons beyond my control.

I could not influence this process, because the construction team was hired by the customer himself. As a result of this and a number of other reasons, work on the project took about two years. The design project was designed for a family of three. Before me as the designer was the task of creating a harmonious space, combining comfort and functionality.

The original wish of the customer was the combinationLiving room and kitchen. The main color of the walls in the apartment is neutral, except for children's and bathrooms, and the logical decision, accordingly, was to make an accent wall. In the kitchen area part of this wall was covered with transparent glass. It does not violate the general appearance of the living room and simultaneously carries a functional load, being an apron.

Pillows with prints became an interesting solution,that sound in one ensemble with the posters on the walls. In the master bedroom, it was also decided to make an accent wall behind the headboard. However, in this case, not wallpaper was used, but fabric. She was fitted with a frame that visually resembles a screen. Children's room for a girl looks fun and cheerful thanks to the successful color combinations of different shades of blue, yellow and orange. White furniture and bright, but not flashy details (carpet, toys, curtains, etc.) add a special lightness to the interior of the child.

Living room-kitchen:

  • The kitchen - Julia Novars;
  • Console, mirror and bar chairs - Kare;
  • Carpet - Kado;
  • The coffee table (in the style of midcentury) was assembled from the available details in a friendly woodworking workshop;
  • Posters - Westwing;
  • Chandelier - Cosmorelax.


  • Bed - Flou;
  • Bedside tables - Selva;
  • Built-in wardrobes - Mr. Doors;
  • Fabrics - Kado;
  • Watercolor paintings brought by a designer from Italy.


  • Table, bedside table, hanging shelves, TV-curbstone, chandelier, lamp - Kare;
  • Carpet - Manders;
  • Walls - paint Manders (Sanderson).