Modern. Stylish. Bedroom

In this post we will tell you in detail about how,What styles are meant when they say that the bedroom is made in a modern key. Knowing the features of these styles will help you avoid mistakes in the decor

Laconism is the highest form of aesthetics

Laconism is when everything that could beTell the spelling of the novel, passed one quatrain, or even better - one phrase. Of course, when you first find yourself in a laconic bedroom, it seems that she is frankly empty. But gradually, looking at the alignment and selection of objects, you will discover how everything is right and functionally located here. Every thing has its place, and nothing distracts from the main thing - from the process of sleep. Instead of heavy double curtains - light curtains or roller blinds, materials are mostly monophonic, discreet. The colors are just plain-looking: gray, white, beige, shades of wood and concrete. The surfaces are ideally even in most cases. Here you will not find rugs and colorful pillows on the floor: it would be too flashy. The main piece of furniture here, of course, is a bed. We came to sleep in the bedroom, did not we? A bed, two bedside tables, a lonely chair with a small table and possibly a huge wardrobe in the wall - this is the standard set of bedroom furniture in the style of laconicism. No canapes, ottomans, padded stools, fancy frames for mirrors and other distractions. All sleep!

The main rule is the absence of rules

Fashionable fusion style is eclectic in itsModern interpretation. As James Bond said, "mix, but do not shake." It is appropriate here for high-tech lamps, ethnic accessories, neobarochnye armchairs, bed in the spirit of Provence. The rules for combining textures, textures, colors and styles do not exist. In the area of ​​the dressing table, you can put an antique oriental chest of drawers, a chair with bright upholstery and a floor lamp with a shade of the correct form. A great advantage of the fusion style is that it allows you to choose the bedroom furnishings gradually: today you buy a bed, tomorrow - a rug on the floor, and six months later find the right rack. The main thing in decorating a bedroom in this style is to try to avoid kitsch and excessive detail of the room: nevertheless the room is primarily intended for sleeping. Victoria Lee, designer: "There are no rules for drawing up fusion-style interior. But in order that in the end you have a harmonious interior, first it is necessary to determine the principles of compatibility. For example, we take all the white + ethnic. So we get a bedroom with white brick walls, white lacquered chests of drawers, a white fur blanket on a white, almost English chair. And then things will be located, bought in the eastern bazaar. They will add color, but they will not enter dissonance, because the interior is already assembled in color. "

Pop Art

For those who are young at heart and who love everything invigorating, -Style pop art. Here, more than appropriate bright colors, catchy drawings, comic books, memorable posters with American movie stars. At the same time, so that in such a bedroom it was comfortable to be, we still recommend not to abuse the multicolor. It is better to paint in bright (yellow, blue, green, red, pink or orange) color on one wall and distribute posters and comics on the bedroom so that the eye could still relax on the rest of a neutral background.

The bedroom of the future

Many people have heard about the style of high-tech, but fewUnderstands it verbatim. In order to make a bedroom in this style, it is not enough to bring out all communications and paint them with silver paint. There must be something high-tech in the bedroom so that she could be called a hi-tech bedroom. So what can it be? Chandelier, changing the light depending on the time of day; Self-closing blinds or curtains; Built-in audio system and so on. If possible, each item in this high-tech bedroom should be "smart", equipped with the latest science. Then all the rest of the interior will not be particularly important, because the accent in the interior in the style of high-tech goes not on decor, but on technology. However, it is customary here to use glass, concrete and metal. Editorial, by the way, was very surprised when I found that google-pictures in the usual minimalist bedrooms without any clever technology section "Bedroom in the style of hi-tech" neatly stacked. Be carefull! Ideally, the entire bedroom should be stuffed with bed type objects like Glow Bed, invented by Karim Rashid: there is a built-in iPad and a system that controls the angle of lifting and blocking snoring.;