With your own hands

Master class: a homemade Moroccan-style coffee table


Each interior should have a zest -an item that will stand out from the rest. For example, an original table in the Moroccan style, which you can make with the help of scrap materials and our master class. To become the proud owner of an exclusive designer item, you will need to spend a lot of time and money. It is much easier to become the smiths of your own happiness by turning to the golden rule "Do it yourself". Today we offer you to transform the interior with the help of such an unusual coffee table, shaped like a traditional percussion instrument of African peoples. You will need:

  • round wooden table top (taken, for example, at an old and already unnecessary round table, bought or sawed alone);
  • a round element for the footrest (it can be made of various materials: wood, metal, chipboard);
  • support axis (in our example, a part of the gypsum column, which can be ordered in the sculptor's workshop, is used, but it can be replaced, for example, with a fragment of a wooden beam);
  • vinyl tapes;
  • paint with glossy effect;
  • carnations for furniture upholstery with wide hats;
  • liquid Nails.

The entire creative process consists of two stages:frame assembly and decoration. Using liquid nails, "nail down" the base and table top to the support axis. We paint the frame with white paint with a glossy effect. We cut the vinyl tapes and fix them around the edges of the countertop with studs. We tighten the tapes around the column leg using one of them. We fix the free ends of the tapes under the base using glue, a stapler or other devices at hand. For the convenience of the operation, it is recommended to turn the table upside down. Important: the tapes must be fixed in a state of tension. Only under this condition the table will be able to acquire a conceived exotic shape. Choosing a worthy place for your new coffee table and getting ready to receive compliments from guests! apartmenttherapy.com