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How the producers live: the attic apartment with an outdoor terrace in Moscow -


Today we are showing an unusual apartment inwhich the interior designer Stepan Bugaev was able to combine the romance of the attic, loft elements, multi-level ceilings and unusual art objects. In a word, in order for us to live like this The customer of this project is a producer, director and, in general, a creative person. He got an unusual apartment, full of non-standard elements: an attic floor, large windows, multi-level ceilings, a terrace and a complex configuration. Interior designer Stepan Bugaev undertook to collect all these details and create not only aesthetic and creative, but also comfortable for everyday life space. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a master's degree in physics and the State University Higher School of Economics with a master's degree in business informatics. He has his own design studio, under his leadership, more than 500 design projects have been implemented. Ranked in the top 100 of the best designers, according to the leading interior publication AD. She is a teacher at the School of Design at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, teaches the author's course “Interior Design. Rules for creating a successful project ”. She gives open lectures on interior design and writes articles for leading interior magazines and portals. This project has a whole set of "chips", but the main one can rightfully be considered an unusual ceiling, which, due to a broken roof, has a different height in each room. Also, the roof slopes are designed in such a way that there is no symmetry in the interior and some structural beams are lowered quite low, and this, in turn, has become an obstacle to the creation of a free layout. For this reason, the designer did not make any structural changes and worked mainly with finishing and filling the apartment with furniture and decor. The chosen interior concept made it possible to mixin one apartment they are completely different in style, but at the same time harmoniously adjacent things: classic framing of door portals, loft lamps, an art object in the form of Nefertiti's head, etc. Despite the fact that at first glance such a combination sounds quite bold, all these objects are together do not look pretentious or inappropriate. The main tool for zoning in the publicSpace is a color: black and white palette clearly divides the room into the entrance area (black) and to the rest zone and the reception area (white). But the color scheme is not limited to this: in the black and white interior, natural materials of the appropriate shades are integrated. The dining area is located in the brightest spotApartment - a large light opening in the whole wall, formed due to an open terrace. Central to the dining group is the Dining Desk Draenert table made of natural marble, and the accent is the classical crystal chandelier Scheherazade9624 from Schonbek. The recreation area is visually separated from the kitchen-dining roomA double leather sofa Cassina and an oblique roof slope, under which are located indoor plants, decorative vases and the already mentioned white head Nefertiti. In the kitchen area all the furniture of the Eggersmann factoryBuilt into the wall, and for breakfast, a light snack or chat with friends during cooking, there is a bar with four high chairs that separates the work area from the rest of the space. Transition from public to private and fromBedrooms in the bathroom is made at the expense of a large hall. It was decided to decorate in the style of the facades of Italian houses, reflecting the concept of the LCD "Italian Quarter" in the classical elements: portals of doors, wall panels imitating the entrance to the building, and finishing the walls with decorative plaster Microcemento. In this strictly classical hall does not look: In it there was a place and modern details, for example, a Fortuny floor lamp from the Italian factory Pallucco, and a hand-made black stool from the massive oak tree Devina Nais. The color scheme of the bedroom as a whole repeats the generalBlack and white theme, and the use of natural materials brings to the interior a feeling of coziness and makes it interesting due to the variety of textures. The stylistic concept of this room is loft space on the attic floor, in which the ideology of minimalism is combined with Italian art and classical elements. The central place in the bedroom is occupied by a largebed. On the sides there are industrial floor lamps Manhattan tripod floor lamp with wooden tripod bases. In the middle of each is a hinge made of brass, which allows you to adjust the convenient height of the fixture. The bedroom is divided into two functional areas, and in the hidden niches is a dressing room and storage space. One of the main highlights of this apartment is a terrace,With which a beautiful view of Moscow opens up. Designing it, the designer decided to combine several elements in one space: air, fire, embodied in a bio-fireplace built into the bar, and water flowing down the stone fence of the terrace. As a result, a small, but very cozy place to relax. The main bathroom is made in light andQuite a warm color scheme. For finishing the designer chose the Art Skin tile from Cotto D'este and natural wood (tinted pine). The sink is made of marble to order, all plumbing is Antonio Lupi. For the finishing of the second bathroom have taken decorative plaster, plumbing - Duravit and Hansgrohe (shower system). An interesting element of the interior of this bathroom was a large mirror in the wall. Tips from interior designer Stepan Bugaev:

  • Make the interior of the apartment cozy and more interesting will help the invoice of natural materials: stone and wood.
  • If you do not want to distract attention from the atmosphere of the public area with a kitchen set, hidden facades and will come to your aid.
  • The white ceiling allows filling the space with light, and the floor covering will stand out even more against its background. This technique creates a feeling that there is no ceiling.
  • Do you want to use the interior of a black lamp, but it seems bulky and heavy? Choose models with a light frame structure: they level this sensation.

In this interior were used: Public area:

  • Kitchen - Eggersmann (Germany);
  • Fixtures in the kitchen area - Vibia (Spain), lighting system MATCH;
  • Dining table - Draenert (Germany);
  • Crystal chandelier - Schonbek (USA), model Scheherazade9624;
  • Leather sofa - Cassina (Italy);
  • Textile sofa - Pianca (Italy);
  • Windows, floor and wall coverings - Barausse (Italy).


  • Floor lamp - Pallucco (Italy), model Fortuny;
  • Stool - Devina Nais (Italy);
  • Finishing - decorative plaster Microcemento (Spain).


  • Bed - Lema (Italy);
  • Fixtures - Manhattan tripod floor lamp (United Kingdom).


  • Plumbing - Antonio Lupi (Italy);
  • A washbasin is made to order;
  • Heated towel rail - Brem (italy);
  • Tiles - Cotto D'este (Italy), model Art Skin;
  • A door with a hidden box - Movi (Italy).


  • Towel dryer - Zehnder (Germany);
  • Plumbing - Duravit (Germany);
  • Shower system - Hansgrohe (Germany);
  • Door - Barausse (Italy).